Sunday, December 21, 2014

weekend wrap up

I'll tell you four things...

1. There are some Christmas songs that never EVER should have been re-made. "Do they know it's Christmas?" OMG NO. Actually, that song should have never been made in the first place, so there's that. And why, oh why, did Taylor Swift remake "Last Christmas" by Wham. The original is awesome, but her version is creepy. I always picture her singing it to John Mayer while he's tied to a chair in her basement. Just me?

2. Tonight I made these. Not sure what to call them, but they have eggs, cheddar cheese, ricotta, and of course the magic ingredient that I add to everything I cook: LOVE! I sorta made the recipe up as I went along, but they smell really good. In an effort to get out of the house as quickly as possible in the mornings, I was at first making breakfast casseroles and dividing them up. Then I figured out that using a muffin tin would be even quicker because I wouldn't have to do pesky things like take the casserole out of the fridge and cut it every morning. This way I just grab a muffin and go, and then nibble on it as I drive across the Turnpike.

3. Every year I say I won't wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping, and well, this year once again I waited until the last minute and I pretty much want to shoot myself. And for added fun, it turns out that my new office is one of those offices where people give gifts, so I made a trip to a nearby chocolate factory and picked up a case of wine. Yup, they're getting wine and chocolate from me. This will make them like me even more!

4. On a sort-of related note, this week I learned that just because someone gives you a tin of cookies doesn't mean you have to eat said cookies. I received four tins of cookies at work, and of those, I'd say only one was great, another was somewhat edible, and the other two, well, if you can't say something nice...

That's four. Once I get more into a regular rhythm with the new job, different schedule, etc I'll update this thing on a more regular basis. I miss you my dear readers when I don't write. Oh and I miss the writing, too. It's my cheap therapy, you know.

Good night. Be well, my loves.

Monday, December 15, 2014

so yeah

Okay, so between starting a new job, the Lesleymas season, and the Christmas season, I really have not had the time to blog. It's true. I've been one poor correspondent, I've been too too hard to find, but it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind...

Wait, what? Where was I?

Anyway, I am going to tell you three things today. Three for the Three Kings, I suppose.

1. I had a most excellent weekend, yet again. Ugly Christmas sweaters wear worn, apple cider sangria** was consumed, and Christmas light shows featuring pyrotechnics set to Transiberian Orchsestra music were observed. Yeah, that last one? Only in New Jersey, my friends. And it was so Jersey, it was beautiful. 

** I have discovered that the sangria is much better when I substitute Fireball for the caramel vodka. But then again, everything is better with FIREBALL!

2. I am still loving the new job, especially now that I have received my first paycheck. Some of you know about the implementation that I'm managing, and I will tell you that I'm still amazed at how much faith they have in me. I'm the fourth implementation manager to come along, but I'm determined that I'm going to be a success where the others have failed miserably. I was going over procedures this morning and realizing that nothing -- and I mean, NOTHING -- is documented, and that I really have to make documentation a priority. This is good news because it means that I get to write it and I get to decide. But then it's also bad news because it means that I get to write it and I get to decide. Yeah, quite the conundrum, that. And you know, I am glad that they have so much faith in me. That kind of thing is very motivating.

3. If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, don't feel bad. Because I haven't even STARTED mine! Yes, I realize that several of you just broke out in hives from reading that. Meh, I'll get to it. I have time, and besides, I work down the street from the biggest and nicest mall on the east coast. So I have access to the shopping, I just don't have the will to do the shopping. I'd better scare it up soon, I guess. 

That's all for now. Be well, kittens.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

you're all that i need... underneath the tree...

So yeah. It's been a while. But I miss you, my dear ones, so I will tell you three (3) things tonight.

1. New job is my employment soulmate. I can't really blog about what I'm doing but if you're in the Inner Circle of Lesleydom, send me an email and I'll be happy to tell you! But trust me, it's way cool. I'm still shocked at how much faith they have in me. I guess I made good impressions at my many interviews! So starting very soon, I will have to do things like put on going-to-business clothes and meet with clients. I'm very excited about that.

2. This job may make me into a morning person. It's amazing how easy it is to wake up early for a job you love. Most days I'm out of the house before 7:00, mostly because if I cross the bridge into Pennsylvania before 7:00, then I can pay the off-peak price and save two whole dollars! There are quite a few people who come in early, and it's kinda nice to get there early and deal with emails and stuff before the office fills up and clients start calling me.

Except on Monday I had a minor incident. I was one of the first ones there, and I thought I was all alone in the kitchen so I was washing out my coffee cup while singing "Shawty Got Moves," as I had just danced to that song on Sunday in Zumba. I had just gotten to the part that goes "She move it, her body, so sexy, can't hide it" when two of my coworkers walked in and said "good morning." We all laughed about it, and you know, I figure this is my second week, they might as well meet the real Lesley. Besides, this shawty got moves.

3. The Christmas tree has been up since Sunday, and so far the score is Luna 1, Christmas Tree 3. Not bad at all. Both cats have taken to sleeping under the tree, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I need to get a picture of that action. We've had a few ornaments go missing which are then later found in different places around the house, but I'm not sure that's the work of the pack of Clementine and Luna. It could be the Elf on the Shelf, you know. And I'm pretty sure he's not in their pack. It's a pretty exclusive pack!

Good night. Be well, my loves.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

no blog tonight

Except to say this much: birthday weekend ROCKED!!! And thus, I am too tired tonight to write much.

But I will return tomorrow with some stories to tell you, and some Advent-themed photos.

Good night, my loves.

Friday, December 05, 2014

so this is lesleymas... and what have you done...

I'm way too tired to post pictures or tell you much about my day, but I will say this much: I had the best birthday I've had in YEARS. And you know what? I deserved it!

Good night, my loves.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

lesleymas eve!

Lesleymas Eve has been a very good day. Work was amazeballs yet again, and then after work, I met up with Nuel and his girlfriend and they treated me to a birthday dinner. Awwww! So far, it looks like Lesleymas 2014 totally has the edge on Lesleymas 2013!

Today's Advent theme is alert:

That's yours truly, prepared for the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. I remember taking this. The hurricane hadn't quite arrived here yet, but I know that several glasses of oh-shit-we're-getting-a-hurricane wine had already arrived by the time I took this. Shocking, I know. But hey, I was ALERT!

Good night.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

are you ready?

New job continues to go very well. Oh and I've discovered two more reasons why this place is my employment soulmate.

1. Unlimited supply of seltzer! The water filtration machine distributes sparkling water. How cool is that?!!

2. Unlike the last two places I've worked, this job doesn't just provide a Keurig machine, they provide the actual K-cups as well! And cream, too! This is a benefit I haven't seen since early 2011, let's just say. And, what kind of K-cups do they provide? My all-time favorite: JET FUEL!!!

I know that at least one of you reading this found those last two items amusing, as I seem to remember you mentioning that the Jet Fuel consumption around the office decreased greatly after my departure...

Today's Advent theme is "ready" so here I am ready for some travel! Good night!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

so cruel a rule...

I got home late so this will be an oh-so-short blog.

Tonight's Advent theme is rule:

Good night. And much love to you.

Monday, December 01, 2014

time won't give me time...

First day went well. Like really, really well. So much better than I could have ever dreamed of! But tonight, oh man, am I TIRED. So tonight it's early to bed for me.

Today's Advent theme is time:

Good night.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

and long as I can have you here with me, i'd much rather be forever in blue jeans...

Last day of NaBloPoMo!!! I made it!

I was going to tell you that the regular blog schedule will now resume, HOWEVER, I've taken up an Advent challenge. And so between now and Christmas, every day I'll post a picture representing a theme from Advent. I'll do that at the end of the post because I have more to say now about other stuff.

So tomorrow,  I start the new job. Dun dun DUN!!!!! I totally have that "First day of school" feeling, although I didn't buy a new knapsack or a Trapper Keeper or some pictures ripped out of Tiger Beat to hang up in my locker. I picked out an outfit for the first day (nice dress pants, black shirt, black Danskos, cute necklace), so really the only thing missing tomorrow will be LesleyMom coming here to cook me breakfast and take my picture outside in my first day of school outfit. And ya know, if I asked her to do that, she probably would!

Not much else to say about that. I'm just going to go in, learn everything I can, and do my Lesley bestest to KICK ASS. I have a good feeling about all of this, though. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or a beautiful career move.

Now on to Advent. Today's word is HOPE. For reasons I can't quite explain (or maybe don't want to explain here right now), this picture looks like hope to me.

Good night. Wish me luck, please.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

ass in a glass

In case you're wondering about the exciting things that I do on Friday nights, here is the painting I made Friday night at Painting With a Twist. I call it the "Elf on a Shelf with his Ass in a Glass!"

Oh yes, this is what passes for Christmas decorating at my house. Jealous? You should be!

Good night, loves.

Friday, November 28, 2014


I had a very happy Thanksgiving, and if you are reading this, then I sincerely hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, too. Oh and as I had hoped, Thanksgiving 2014 kicked Thanksgiving 2013's ASS!!! Not that the bar was set too high on that. I mean as long as no one stole my cats and burned down my house, then Thanksgiving 2014 had a real cakewalk to victory. (This same exact sentiment will be repeated in a few days when comparing Lesleymas 2013 vs. Lesleymas 2014.)

Anyway, so this year? So much to be thankful for. I could maybe write a list but before I start, I will tell you that I'm sure there are things I'll forget. I reserve the right to add them later.

Here's the list. 2014 edition:

1. I realize everyone says this, but I am thankful for my family and friends. This past year has made me quite aware of how thankful I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

2. I am thankful for certain people no longer being in my life. And conversely, I am thankful for some new people in my life, and very thankful for someone who is back in my life. Ooh, this is cryptic? Yeah, well, tough. That's just how I roll.

3. I am thankful for my felines, Clementine and Luna. And no, being thankful for them does not make me a crazy cat lady. If I had three cats, that would be crazy cat lady territory. But two cats is a party!

4. I am VERY thankful for the new job I will be starting on Monday! I'm a little nervous, I'll admit, but it's a good kind of nervous. This new job will be an awesome career move for me. And I'm very excited that this will be a place where I can put my smarts to good use and work with other smart people. Honestly, I have felt completely underutilized the last few years, so it'll be nice to have more to do than just twiddle my thumbs.

5. I am thankful for the pre-new-job vacation I just took. I can't wait until I can go back to that resort!

6. I am thankful for my good health. I am mindful of this just about every day. I work hard to maintain my health, but I have no doubt that all my efforts are worth it.

That's all for now. Oh and I'm feeling better, thanks. I was able to go to Zumba today and got my 10,000 steps for the day and everything. So yay, me! Lesley 1, Sciatica 0.

Good night, loves.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

thanksgiving mbr

Yup. Minimum blog requirement.

It's late and I need to take my medicine and go to bed. More tomorrow, loves.

Good night.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find...

If not for the NaBloPoMo, I wouldn't be blogging at all tonight but NaBloPoMo is a cruel rule.

I have the sciatica tonight. I've had it since late Monday night, actually, and barely slept Monday night and Tuesday night because of it so today, out of desperation, I went to see the doctor for a prescription. Ordinarily I would just tough it out, but I need this to go away because it's Thanksgiving and also because I've got my wonderful new job to start on Monday. Said prescriptions have been taken. Loopiness has resulted, but I think I can say for sure that I will sleep tonight, so hey, there's that. And I'll even be able to sleep all night in my bed, rather than prowling around the house and settling on to the couch for an hour here and there before I wake up with pain again. That part's no fun.

As for the sciatica, yeah, I thought I was over this. I used to get it constantly but then I lost a metric fuckton of weight and it vanished. Not sure what I did to bring it on, but when I was on the plane Monday night and went to get up from my seat, I felt that familiar twinge in my lower left back and thought "FUCK!" But the meds are helping, so hopefully I'll have this kicked in a day or so.

Anyway, my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner is going to be some apple cider sangria. I've got some apple slices soaking in Fireball for those who wish to add such a thing, but there will be plain apples as well. I discussed my sangria-making plans with Oldest Nephew Jimbabwe and Only Niece Noodles, and one of them suggested the Fireball. You can guess which one.

And that's enough. The painkiller + muscle relaxer combination makes me feel like I have a lot to say yet ironically they make me not want to make the effort to type. Quite the conundrum, that.

Good night, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and I really hope you do, too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

minimum blog requirement

So tired today. Didn't sleep well last night, and did a lot today, so hey, minimum blog requirement.

More tomorrow. Good night.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Okay, so I didn't actually get home until 1:00 AM on 11/25, but since I'm still awake, I'm changing the timestamp and counting this for 11/24. I will still win NaBloPoMo!

So yeah, I'm home. I've been home not quite a half hour, and Clementine has already meowed herself hoarse telling me off about my absence. At least I'm guessing that she is mad I was away. Otherwise she's mad that I came home. Hmm...

Not only am I home but I'm very tired, so I think this is all I have to say for tonight. Time for sleep as I've got a lot to do tomorrow.

Good night, my loves.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

daylight come and we don't wanna go home!

So sad about leaving this wonderful resort tomorrow, but then that just means I need to start planning my next fabulous vacation, right?

Here's a pensive photo from earlier today. LesleyMom asked if I was thinking "I don't want to go home" or "I want another drink." I said indeed it was a little of both!

good night. xoxo