Thursday, July 13, 2006

crackers and barrels

Oh me. I am still lacking with the blog ideas, people. Give me a day or two and I'll be back to my usual blogging frenzy. But today is not that day.

Yesterday, Real mentioned the Cracker Barrel, and said that you should ask me about the Crackers and the Barrels. Hee hee...

See, I had never been to a Cracker Barrel until the first time I visited Real. I'd driven by a few of them on various interstates, but I never recalled seeing one here in the Garden State until about a year or so ago. But on that first trip to Tennessee (incidentally the home of Cracker Barrel), Real and I went to one for what I would call brunch, although that seems way too fancy a word for a meal at Cracker Barrel. I had breakfast, Real had lunch. And I found out what all the fuss was about the hashbrown casserole and the fried apples. They are quite good. We also sat on the rocking chairs on the porch after we ate. Because we are that nerdy.

But I was still curious about the name. Cracker Barrel? What the hell? Why would you keep your crackers in a barrel? Given my fear of Pee Hand, I of course immediately thought that would be rather unsanitary. Plus it's just impractical -- once the top layer of crackers are gone from the barrel, the others would be hard to reach. Especially if you have Aligator Arms like mine. And then there's the issue of broken crackers. Wouldn't they all get broken in the barrel, instead of in a neat little sleeve, like the Ritz crackers?

These existential cracker questions can be so confusing.

But then, as I was driving home from my latest visit with Real, I drove by at least 10 Cracker Barrels, and I noticed their logo. It's an old dude sitting next to (what else?) a BARREL. And I had an epiphany! The old dude is the CRACKER and the barrel is the, well, BARREL. Get it? CRACKER BARREL! Eureka!

I asked Real what he thought of this theory and he actually agreed. He also pointed out that much of what they serve could be considered cracker food. Did I ever mention that I love it when people go along with my crazy-ass theories?

I mean, not all theories turn out to be true -- like the Lone Gunman, the Earth is flat, or Geometry (yeah, I'm still waiting for that one to pan out!) -- but my Cracker Barrel theory has yet to be disputed. I'm just saying.

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Real said...

You could always blog some more about sock monkey hats.

BTW, that boyfriend of yours sound really smart if he agrees with you, as for your list of theories you forgot gravity.

Freak Magnet maybe right, I should consider a relocation in the future.

MoSup said...

It still doesn't make sense... so they named their restaurant after their sign???

Ace said...

I remember when, I think it was Chris Rock, pointed out how some black people sued over the poor service at Cracker Barrel (a la Denny's) and he was like, what did they expect? It's the Cracker Barrel! So famous people agree with you, too.

Katy said...

wow I never thought about it. I do like the hash brown casserol and the apple thingy