Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i found a reason for me, to change who i used to be...

That song was on the radio this morning as a I drove to work. What the hell happened to Hoobastank anyway?

As you prolly figured out, I am home again. No updates last night, as I was too tired from the traveling. Traveling can be just exhausting. I told some people to both "calm the fuck down" and "fuck off". Not surprisingly, both incidents happened at Newark Airport. But hey, I made my point. I was stuck in an AirTrain car with about 10 Jehovah's Witnesses in town for a convention (they had nametags on, that's how I know) and the people I yelled at were trying to shove their luggage carts into our already-full train car. I'm sure I gave the JWs quite a story to share with the other conventioneers. Their nametags all said "Deliverance is at hand!" and I was almost kind of wishing that they would try "witnessing" to me when our train got stuck, because I would have said "listen, the only deliverance I am interested in right now is PIZZA!"

It's not that I hate the JWs, I just don't have much respect for them. When I was a young resident chaplain in my former life, I watched a teenage boy die from internal bleeding. He would have lived if he could only have had a blood transfusion, but they wouldn't allow it. So he died. And I prayed with him as he died. From that day on, I find it difficult to respect that particular group. Although ending my weekend trip by being stuck in the AirTrain with a whole slew of them seemed almost an appropriate ending somehow.

There's no juicy details from the weekend since I was Real-less and all, and from what I've been told, my juicy detail weekends are those that I spend with him. I will tell you though that there was an Exploding Whiskey Bottle, and I have to go to teh doctor to get some shards of glass removed from my calf and toes. The shards have been there since Friday night, after the rehearsal. They were hurting over the weekend but today they are approaching excruciating and they're looking a little scary. I can't say I've ever encountered an Exploding Whiskey Bottle before, and I can't say that I hope to encounter one ever again.

And besides, I've found a reason for me to change who I used to be.  A reason to start over new...

And the reason is you.

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Real said...

Exploiding whiskey bottle, is this the first I am hearing of this.

I agree that there is nothing like a REAL juicy weekend. (that is not meant to be dirty in anyway shape or form).

Hoobastank took a shower and now they are Hoobasmellfresh.

I really am not down with the people who think they should deny medical care to children because the parents have their own medical condition called Craniumsphincteridis.

Freak Magnet said...

Unbelievable a parent would deny something so simple to save their child's life. I would abandon all my beliefs if I were in that situation. At least I hope that's what I'd do, since I've never been in that situation.

Welcome back, chica. Now go get your Real Fix.

Stewie said...

Welcome home.

I have much to bitch about.

Katy said...

yeah I do not agree witht he JW philosophy - I don't care what your religion is that kid should have lived. He was not old enough to choose that religion!!!!

Exploding Whiskey bottle - I think that needs some clarification like HOW?????

Ace said...

It's not that I hate the JWs,

I thought for a second that said "...I hate the Jews" and I was like, wha, huh?

I want to know about the exploding whiskey bottle, too. This sounds like an occupational hazard.

Jenn from WA said...

Are we not all missing the big picture here? JWs don't celebrate birthday's either. Sheesh!

Nor would they be anywhere near an exploding whiskey bottle.

All that aside, I just found out that JWs are really a cult and not a religion. I had (notice past tense) a "good" friend who was a JW (we were friends until her parental units found out I was not a JW - though my initials are JW you'd think that would count) anyhow....she had some pretty scary stories to share related to their beliefs and "opinions" on technology in the medical field.

Me? I'm choosing whisky and blood transfusions for everyone.

Lesley said...

real - I promise, there will be Exploding Whiskey Bottle deets for you.

freak - I agree. It still bothers me that it was a county hospital and the county didn't step in on that one. Thanks for the welcome. Although the Real fix isn't for 5 more weeks... :(

stewie - bitch away! You know that's the whole reason for IM.

katy - the secrets of the Exploding Whiskey Bottle shall be revealed! ;)

ace - oh my G-d, I would NEVER say that! Seeing as how I was born in Queens, grew up on Long Island and in Bergen County, and once again reside in the Garden State it would be impossible for me to hate the Jews. Besides, I love bagels too much. And knishes too. Not to mention latkes. (hey, your people really like teh carbs, don't they?)

J-Wa - I almost forgot the whole no birthday deal. Bogus! Especially since I love teh Lesleymas so much! Whiskey and blood transfusions are fun. Sometimes I think I could use a blood transfusion of whiskey. But having all my Irish blood probably accomplishes the same purpose.

MoSup said...

Where were you? I was on im waiting to hear the details. Plus, numerous stories to tell you about the people who make me crazy (not to mention the continuing lack of mileage checks).