Tuesday, July 18, 2006

keep on searchin'

I have been getting some bizarro keyword searches of late, people. And I felt the need to share.

The latest trend, as I mentioned earlier, is people wondering about the Kool Aid Man's newly acquired pants. Kool Aid Man, this is for you. I feel your pain. I hate pants myself. And I would be quite unhappy if I once had a pantsless existance like yours and had to leave it behind for a new life of pants. See my original I Hate Pants diatribe for more of my feelings on the matter.

Pants aren't the only thing I hate though, you know. I am kind of hating this obscenely hot weather. This morning I didn't even both drying my hair, because with the humidity the way it is, what's the point? The TV weather people have also issued their usual warning about the bad air quality and that old coots and asthmatics should stay inside. Well, TV weather people, let me tell you something -- if you have teh asthma, you don't need to be told this information. It becomes pretty obvious when you go outside and you can't, ya know, breathe. I'm just saying.

I've been struggling with a blogging low point lately. I was worried that I had run out of things to say (stop laughing) but then I realized that it seems to be going around. Maybe there's not much to say in July. Other than to whine about the heat or the occasional migraine (it's gone, I'm fine, thankyouverymuch) or that the fucking CAT scan indicated that the staphs are still among us and there's three more weeks of Levaquin to look forward to. Oh wait, that last one is just me. And I certainly don't want to blog about that. Fucking staph.

But check this out, I saw this new mouthwash when I was at the Target yesterday. Smart Mouth? I don't recall being asked if they could use the name. Do you think I have a case for copyright infringement here? They're crunching on my turf! And I have a hard time believing this stuff could work for a whole 24 hours. I wonder if it has some kind of guarantee. Because I seriously doubt it could stand up to garlic for breakfast, garlic for lunch, garlic for dinner, garlic for tea. I really love me up some garlic.

I hope my patron saint of smart mouth duties don't have to include being the patron saint of a particular mouthwash. That certainly doesn't leave me feeling minty fresh. I'm just saying.


Real said...

There is a connection there between not wearing pants and not having fresh breath, and as soon as I figure it out I will let you all know.

Oh and to the A-hole blog comment spammers thanks, I love the word verification.

Lesley said...

Yes, unfortunately, after getting over 100 spam comments (and deleting them) yesterday, the word verification is back. Bah. I don't like it either.

Jenn from WA said...

It definitely sounds like some serious copyright issues. I mean, look at the box...it does say 24hour. And I'm pretty sure you utilize 24 hours with your name as well...so I say sue them.

Or at least see if they can get a picture of you on the box. And raise the price. You're worth more than $10.99.

Stewie said...

I gotta get me that smart mouth.


Lesley said...

jenn - aw thanks! I'd love to have my pic on the box, and I am soooo worth more than 10-stinking-99!

stewie - Heh. I am no longer jealous of you and your Redrum.

jin said...

Well, still a good post. You didn't totally lose it yet! ;-)

Thanks...now I'm paranoid...I put my word veri back on again, too.
You officially beat me tho, most I ever had was 64. :-P How the HELL do they get them to split up between ALL your posts?!!? It'd be easy to delete if they weren't EVERYWHERE!!!

Freak Magnet said...

I love pants. So much so that people make fun of me when I wear a dress.

Tiffanie said...

All I have to say is, Man it is HOT.

Ace said...

I actually had to send an e-mail to a co-worker the other day that read, basically:

I found your pants in the men's room.

Jewels said...

K. I will never ever again miss a Aunt Lesely Post... Where have I been?

I'm sorry to hear the Staph is still there. shitty! Well, you're in good company, the broken digit is still here.... great....

Katy said...

yeah I got hit with 56 and 52 spam comments so my word verifcation is up too.

I think you have a case after all you used the name first - we witnessed it all.