Friday, July 14, 2006

mind grain

Hey kids. I was going to blog for you last night but I got hit by a migraine. And if you get the migraines, you know that the proper phrase really is "got hit by". Like out of no where. Ugh!

I hadn't had one since the whole train incident back in May, so I really can't complain since it's so much better than the days when I was getting them once or twice a week or at a Really Inconvenient Time. Last night, I was eating dinner and all of a sudden I had the feeling like I was hit on the left side of my head with a hammer and all the lights popped and it felt like a wave of nausea was coming over me. I actually started saying "no no no no NO NO NO!!!" as I ran to get the Relpax with the Aleve chaser, but hey, at least I am finally able to recognize when it's happening because the sooner I take the migraine killers, the better off I am.

After that I chatted briefly online with Real, and I apologized that I couldn't chat longer but I really needed to sleep. Thinking about it this morning, it's almost kind of funny -- you know you're comfortable with each other when you can say things like "I have to go puke now, brb." I'm just saying. But everyone's gauge of how comfortable they are with their S.O. is different. Mine is stuff like when you can say "You know, I really don't like that" or you can fart in front of each other. Yours may be different. Your mileage may vary. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

In other news, I am getting a crazy amount of hits for people looking for info about the Kool Aid man wearing pants. I am happy that I'm not the only who is outraged by this development! It's definitely an interesting phenomenon, and it reminds me of all the hits I was getting about the Olympic Theme Song.

Good times, good times.


Real said...

Yippy I got first, first, first.

First comment, yeah.

Oops, I got so excited about first comments that I forget to comment.

Freak Magnet said...

I used to take a daily pill (inderal?) for migraines to keep from getting them. Have they suggested that or anything comparable? It's a shame you have to go through that pain. Maybe they can give you a painkiller in a syringe so you can just inject yourself at the site of pain. Or would that make the pain worse? Hmmmm....

jin said... said it hit while you were eating dinner. Have they found the source yet? The majority of migraines actually are triggered by food allergies. I'm down to only 2 in the last year from 2 per week before that.
LMAO...I don't think you want to know ALL the foods I gave up to finally get rid of them. I think you'd cry! LOL. Ugh...but it's worth it. Those are DAMN AWFUL!

Norman said...

heh. I was just going to say: are these brought on by certain kinds of food? But Jin beat me too it.

My sister can't eat chocolate without getting the migraine. The kind where you have to be in a totally dark room and she crys if a bird 10 miles away farts, because it's SO DAMN LOUD!!

Are you feeling better or you doing the foggy med-head thing now. She loops out for 2 days after a migraine.

MoSup said...

Lesley, you should show your graphic about happy days versus days wearing pants to the Kool-Aid Man.

Ace said...

Until yesterday, I don't think I'd ever discussed periods (the female kind, not the punctuation kind), drunk driving, vomiting and porn on a FIRST date before. I don't know if I should take that as a good sign or bad one.

Since I've only ever had one migraine ever, I can't really comment on that three-quarters of the post.

Katy said...

i get migranes usually from a mixture of stress lack of sleep and water. My boss gets her from chocolate. She takes imitrex and loves it.

Lesley said...

real - yeah, you got firsts. that's why you're my number zero.

freak - I can't take the preventative stuff for other reasons. If I only get them once every 2 or 3 months, I can live with that though.

jin - I wish it were an allergy! No, they're hormonal for me. And I know which day of the month I'll get one, if it's going to strike. Just in case PMS didn't suck enough.

norm - She can't have chocolate? The horror! Chocolate actually helps me -- the caffeine is good. I know it has the opposite effect for some people, but the neurologist was cool with it. She told me to have iced mocha and a bagel when I get one -- who am I to argue? ;)

mosup - Oh that is a good idea. I bet the Kool Aid man is not happy in those pants. Poor guy.

ace - That is too funny! Interesting conversation topics. I'm sure I had some doozies that I told Real before we even had our first date, but he's probably too polite to mention them to me. But I'm sure they were bad!

katy - Imitrex worked for me but had some side effects. I switched to Relpax and I've been very happy with that.