Wednesday, July 05, 2006

two plus two is four, four plus four is eight....

You may be wondering about the math reference in the title. I'll explain. See, yesterday, after five very nice days together, I had to say goodbye to Real, get in my little car and start driving north while he got in his car and started driving south. I will also tell you that I am SO NOT a crier, but I cried when I said goodbye to Real. But hey, I have a rep to maintain, so let's just keep that between us, okay?

The hard part about saying goodbye is you have to just decide okay, this is the moment, this is it, we have to leave. It's like you just have to rip the Band-Aid off in one fell swoop.

I was still teary as I drove away, and I remembered a trick I heard once that if you do math in your head it will keep you from crying. So I did. I started simple with 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, etc. and then I moved on to multiplication and thinking about the quadratic formula (no, seriously, I still remember it -- I am that nerdy). I kept up with the math until I had driven almost 60 miles. Far enough away that I knew we'd be at least 100 miles apart and thus too far to turn back. I called Real just to check in (he was driving through rain, I was about to drive through rain), then I put on a relaxing CD (The Finn Brothers) and kept driving.

I feel better now, but I do miss my Real. As he so eloquently once said, "the LD is not so great, but the R, the R fucking rocks. The R is amazing, the R is what puts a smile on my face every morning. The R is worth the LD." Indeed.

On to other things, how do you like this hat? I think I need to make it for myself! The pattern is from, in their new issue which was just published today.

There are probably very few of you who know just how funny this hat is, but I know you are laughing with me. Funny and naughty, too.

Oh yes, sockmonkeys can be very naughty!


Katy said...

yeah first comment!!!

okay I am a little disappointed - no photos not juicy details????!?!? Come on the weekend could not have been THAT boring. Where did you meet what did you do???[aside from the obvious :)]

Real said...

A sockmonkey.
That is a sockmonkey on the girls head.
I think that poor girl is a little confused about the appropriate use of sockmonkeys.

Tiffanie said...

What does the R stand for. I'm guessing LD stands for long distance?

Ace said...

Munkee? Munkee!

Stewie said...

yeah! juicy details!

do you have any pics?

Lesley said...

katy - the weekend wasn't boring at all but what do you mean by juicy details? We had sushi one night, we went on a caverns tour, we saw Superman -- is that what you meant?

real - I am laughing too much to respond to this comment in a blog-appropriate manner! ;)

tiffanie - LDR is long distance relationship, so the R is relationship.

ace - I thought you'd appreciate the gratuitous use of Munkee!

stewie - Sure! Webcam too! Nice of you to ask!

Real said...

That was some good and juicy sushi, oh and the hamburger and one of the steaks was really good and juicy too.

Jewels said...

A Sock-Monkey hat! That's too cute! K. I know I don't know the sock-monkey stories you and Real share (and I don't think I *want* to either, ahem...), but if you get this pattern, mind sharing? I need to make one of those! And my sock-monkey story isn't sordid either.... It's a sweet, innocent childhood story. :P

Real said...

well jewels if you know the sockmonkey story yours would no longer be a sweet innocent childhood memory!

jin said...

Last one to the party today it seems!


That's ok, best (comment) for last! ;-)
(Er, better make that last 2 commenters 'cuz lesley's gpoing to reply to this!)

First, LMAO about reals LDR decrip. *Thumbs Up*

Second, Dirty dirty Munkee...tsk tsk *frown*

Third, I agree with the rest of them...where's the pics? We all KNOW you took tons!!!

Last, um...ok, there is no last. But I screwed up & should have made last third & third last, but I'm not deleting &, not tonight. Sorry.

Cherry! said...

I agree with everyone else that we must see the pics!

Katy said...

juicy details include pictures, describtions of the romantic walks I am sure you did and so on.

Stewie said...

I'm just adding another comment to screw up Jin even more.

Tiffanie said...

I want details.... please?

MoSup said...

I've never tried math to keep from crying. I'll have to use that one in the future. My best trick is to chew gum. I can't cry while chewing gum. At least not so far, anyway.

jin said...

stewie: :-P