Friday, July 21, 2006

where i am, where i'm going...

Hello my babies.  I hope you haven't been worried.  I am right now, as I type this, in a far-off place.  A little minibreak to go to my friend's wedding.  A far-off place called orth-nay akota-day.

It's a surreal experience leaving an airport like Newark and then landing in a place like Fargo.  I had a little stopover in O'hare, and as is always the case, the gate I landed at was a mile and half from the gate I was connecting to.  What is the deal with O'hare?  Do they do that on purpose?  Has anyone ever connected at O'hare and not walked a mile between gates?

But anyway, yeah Fargo.  It's not like Newark.  We came down under the clouds and all I could think was "OMG, it is SO FLAT here!"  And the farmland as far as you can see?  Yeah, we don't have so much of that in the Garden State.

Belle, bless her heart, picked me up at the airport and had a caramel latte waiting for me. She rocks.  It was the best damn latte I'd ever had, especially since I had been awake since 2:00-ish eastern time and it was now 10:00-ish central time and I had had no coffee.  Ah coffee... nectar of the gods, liquid love...

Updates will follow later when I have more time to write.  I have more to say, but I need to get my thoughts more organized.  Or at least as organized as they ever get. 

And now, as a certain sweet man I know would say, Peace out.

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Real said...

I knew you were ok, I have my sources you see, and they tell me these things.

Caramel, hum, I think I might actually prefere the Mocha, not to be contrary or anything, just a personal preference.

I hope tommorow only SLaA and not hard, you know this what this code means.

BTW, Peace out, and remember to Keep it Real.

Katy said...

Mhh weddings how fun. I do appreciate friends that think ahead when they pic you up at the airport. When Grumpy and I landed in Germany for our honeymoon we were picked up by a friend of mine who greeted us with a bottle of beer from my hometown brewery.

Stewie said...

You and Belle can both kiss my fat, lilly white ass.

Tiffanie said...

LOL on the walking a mile and 1/2 at the Chicago O'Hare.

And then you gotta scoot along on those "fast walking" glide belts and then the tram.

Now going to Concourse 4, hey stupid!!! get off, you missed Concourse 3


Freak Magnet said...

Shit. Now I feel compelled to bring something the next time I pick up Stewie at the airport.

Oh, wait. No I don't.

Hope your trip goes well. Weddings are either hell, or a shitload of fun. I wish the latter for you.

Ace said...

I hate weddings.