Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ABC, easy as 123, oh baby, ABC, 123, do-re-mi, baby you and me!

I felt like blogging but I didn't feel like being creative about it, so I'm going to use this ABC meme that I found on a recent Next-Blogging expedition! Oh and I am tagging THE WHOLE WORLD, so get busy!

Act your age?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I guess, like a lot of things in life, it depends on the situation.

Born on what day of the week?
Tuesday, which means I'm full of grace, according to the nursery rhyme. And indeed I am!

Chore you hate?
Putting stuff away, which actually is what a lot of chores are all about. I'm also not crazy about vacuuming or scrubbing the bathroom.

Dad’s name?

Essential makeup item?
Lipstick and mascara. I like to say that I have a rule that when the temperature is above 85 that I only go with the lipstick and mascara, but honestly, there's lots of days when it's below 85 and that's all I do. My smile is makeup enough, isn't it?

Favorite actor?
Oh I have far too many favorites to pick just one! But since I just watched Moonstruck, I'll go with Nicolas Cage. Moonstruck is one of my most favorite movies ever, and Nic is smokin' hot in it. This answer will change tomorrow, rest assured. I can be so fickle with my crushes.

Gold or silver?
Yes, please. (sorry, couldn't resist) I prefer gold, and most of my jewelry is gold. Right now I wear a silver Claddagh ring all the time, but that's just because the stone fell out of my gold one and I haven't had it replaced yet. And of course I like platinum too...

That's hard to say, because we moved a few times when I was growing up. I was born in New York City, Queens to be exact. We lived in Levittown, New York for a while, then Oradell, New Jersey (way far north Jersey), then Pennington, NJ. I guess at this point Pennington feels most like a hometown.

Instruments you play?
Piano, organ, clarinet, violin. I can also play snake charmer music and the Star Wars theme on the recorder, but mostly I've done that to impress my niece and nephews.

Job title?
Something involving the words "project" and "manager". It's all very startup-y.

None that I know of.

Like trains?
Love them!

Mom’s name?
Laura Jeanne

Like everyone else -- food, clothing, shelter.

Overnight hospital stays?
Oy. When I broke my ankle I was in for a couple days. Same when I had my wrist surgery. Hospital stays are teh suck. Although the constant supply of Demerol isn't too bad.

I don't like heights. It still amazes me that my father worked on the Verrazano Bridge and I get freaked out just driving across it.

Quote you like?
"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

and, this just in...

Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, in the forthcoming documentary "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing," after watching a clip of President Bush talk about freedom: "What a dumb fuck."

Religious affiliation?
I was raised Catholic, I used to hang with the Lutherans, but now I've been going steady with the Episcopals for a few years. Happily, for the most part.

Two sisters, both older. And a brother-in-law too.

Time you wake up?
It depends on the day and where I need to go, so it ranges between 5:30 and 7:00.

Unique talent?
I can remember song lyrics very well. Actually my memory in general is quite good, so I would say it's a unique talent too.

Worst habit?
I'm sure I have several so it would be hard to pick a worst. The good part is that I'm comfortable with them.

X-rays you’ve had?
My wrist a whole slew of times, my left ankle, my neck, and of course the necessary dental x-rays every year.

Yummy food you make?
Baked mostaccioli.

Zodiac Sign?

This concludes today's lazy blog. I am going to gather some inspiration today for something more original. LG out!


Stewie said...

Mom’s name?
Laura Jeanne

I first read that as "Norma Jean."

Then I thought of Belle, and thought "Dorothy Hammil."

Then I giggled and smoked some more crack.

Lesley said...

Your crush on Belle's mom never ceases to creep me out. :(

Real said...

First, I saw that stewie beat me to the firsts, but not by much.

I am so glad you didn't tag me with that one.

Lesley said...

real - Well ya know, some firsts count more than others...


Anonymous said...


But I don't understand how thinking of Norma Jean would make you think of me, unless I have a girlishly charming resemblance to Marilyn I am unaware of...

so I have to conclude that yes, indeed, it was the crack speaking.

(just remembers that perhaps because Belle's real name remembers that of Lesleymom and steps back in humiliation...)