Friday, September 22, 2006

extreme makeover, blog edition

Hello my lovelies. As you can see, my blog's been movin' on up like George and Weezie. It was time for some change so here it is.

If you love or hate the new template, please let me know. And don't try to tell me you hate the template, hate the content, hate the blog, and hate me, and sign it from anonymous. I'll find you. Oh yes, I WILL find you! Mwahahahahah!!!

New template for a new year, I guess. So here's a big Shanah Tovah to my Chosen blogreaders.


MoSup said...

Hi Lesley,

I absolutely LOVE the photo at the top of your new blog template. I think it's sweet (but not in a sappy way). It reminds me of many exciting, romantic bridge encounters throughout my life, as I'm sure it does for you as well.

The text is a little hard for me to read. It's harsh on the white background, and the font (without the sticking-out parts on the letters which I can't remember the name for right now) is a little non-reader friendly. This may all be due to the fact that I just drove an hour and a half in the dark, so you'll have to see what your other readers say.

Overall, I give the new blog template a big badgirl merit badge! :)

MoSup said...

P.S. I also miss the sloganizer.

Lesley said...

I switched the font to Arial. Let me know if you think it's easier to read. If it's not then I'll try good ol' Times.

Those sticking out parts are called diacritical marks. I remember they were of utmost importance when learning Hebrew. Dr. Throntveit would be proud of me for remembering!

Sloganizer will be back. I needed to redesign it with new colors.

Thanks for the feedback. You get a gold star!

MoSup said...

Hi Lesley,

It seems easier to read. Either it's the Arial or that I've slept. :)

Thanks for the gold star! I just read an amazing statistic yesterday that all the gold that has ever been mined would foot in an 18 yard cube. Isn't that crazy? Yet another reason to love the gold (princess cut, sidestones).

Lesley said...

mosup - Gold is lovely, as is the princess cut. I'm also a fan of the platinum...

MoSup said...

Incidentally, it would FIT in the cube, not FOOT in it as previously stated.

Anonymous said...

Arial is easier to read. I like it better.
You=kickass blog-rockstar.
Have a great week.

Ace said...

I like. But I've been tinkering with mine for weeks, and it still mostly looks the same, so what do I know?

Katy said...

i like the new layout but it didn't update in my feed so that way i am late sorry