Tuesday, September 19, 2006

sleeping while blogging...

I had some bloggy goodness baked fresh just for you, my lovelies, but I fell asleep with the laptop in bed. (Laptop in bed! Kinky!) So it needs some editing. So it's not going to be published right away.

I'll take a few minutes while at work on Wednesday to clean it up and make it publishable. I am HATING work this week and blogging would be a welcome distraction. Did you ever have someone who's not your supervisor try to act like they're your supervisor? And then did they try to use all sorts of completely passive-aggressive ploys on you? And did that drive you crazy because if there's ONE thing you can't stand it's the passive-aggressive? I have to say, I just don't get people who think that the way to get things done is by sending lots and lots of snipe-y emails while ignoring phone calls.

Yeah, that's what I got going on now. And it's pissing me the hell off. Fucking work.


Katy said...

sorry. go do the blogging for distraction from that.

MoSup said...

I feel for you, Lesley. Not only sick but sick work situations, too! :(

I hope it all improves for you somehow.

Lesley said...

katy- Thanks. I'm waiting for some (more) blogging inspiration to hit me. It may take until tonight though.

mosup- Thanks, Mosup! The pukey sick is all gone but now I'm almost wishing I had come down with it while at work... ;)

Ace said...

I'm the nonsupervising supervisor at my job.

And it sucks.

Ranting said...

FUCKING WORK.....urghhhhhhhh!
Just let them know that you know somebody, that knows somebody, that's not from the Garden State that could introduce them to a new way of thinkin'!!! Dammit!

I don't know, that's all I got...Hope it helps.