Sunday, September 17, 2006


I almost called this "weekend randomness" or "weekend musings" but then I remembered that I hate when blogs use those terms. Actually, I think you can get away with random some of the time, but musings is never a good idea. NEVER.

I know I haven't updated since Thursday but hey, how nice is this weekend? I've been out and about. I finally got fed up with getting nothing done on weekends, so this weekend I made a list of things I both needed to and wanted to do. So it included things like "Sort winter clothes and decide what's going to charity" and also "watch Celebrity Fit Club."

Oh come on, don't try to tell me you don't watch the Fit Club too. I like watching it on Sundays because it inspires me for the coming week. My favorite this season is Tina Yothers, which isn't all that surprising because growing up I related to her character on Family Ties, since I was also the little sister in a three kid family. My other favorite is Bone Crusher, who not surprisingly I had never heard of before. I also once again have mad crushes on both Dr. Ian and Harvey the Trainer. Not crushes like I want to go out with them or do things with them, more like I want them to meet me at the gym and work out with me.

One of my other to-do items for the weekend was to go to a new yarn store and get some yarn for a new project. I know to the non-knitters out there this probably sounds like I'm saying "And I used a coupon to buy more Ben-Gay and then I signed up for Medicare!" but I do love my knitting and it's a good creative outlet for me. Lately I had felt very uninspired and like I needed a fun new project to get back into it. So last night I start knitting myself a pair of wrist warmers with some very beautiful wool in interesting colors. I'll post pics once I've made more progress. My office is a freaking tundra twelve months of the year, and these will help keep my hands and wrists warm while still allowing me to type. I also signed up for a class at that new yarn store which should also help me get re-inspired.

It's a beautiful day so this is enough randomness blog for now. My pedometer only reads 2,746 steps right now, so I need to get moving! Lesleygirl out!


MoSup said...

Tina Yothers is my favorite, too! :)

Stars said...

Yes, there is something to be said for actually getting yourself moving on the weekends. I like to do nothing just as much as the next person, but hey, some things must be taken care of. *sigh*


Freak Magnet said...

Knitting is the "in" thing now.

jin said...

It's Sunday...confessional time...I too knit.

*jin quickly scuttles off!*

Lesley said...

mosup - Awww... now I'm feeling nostalgic for the days when we used to watch Survivor and Blind Date together. Yay for reality TV!

ranting - Well I figure busy weekends like this allow me to have the occasional lazy weekend.

freak - Of course it's the "in" thing! I knit! And so does Jin!

jin - Oohh that's cool! I should have known you were a fellow knitter!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you didn't say Flavor of Love. That just might have scared me off. Silent not posting blog stalker that I am.