Thursday, September 07, 2006

you can hang out with all the boys...

I don't have much to say this morning (I will tonight though, so be patient). Other than to tell you that I have the song YMCA stuck in my head. Quite inexplicably, too. Since everyone knows I prefer either Macho Man or Go West when it comes to Village People songs.

But I digress.

I cannot get this song out of my head and I don't even know how it got there! I think maybe it might have been on the radio when my alarm came on and I slept through it. See, the second alarm, the annoying buzzer, is the one that actually wakes me up. I have the radio set on the alternative music public radio (a.k.a. XPN) and they play a strange mix of music. So it's entirely possible they were feeling the YMCA today.

I really should download some Village People tunes actually. They make me very happy because they remind me of this rather wild Christmas gathering my family had when I was a wee girl. See, on holidays after dinner the whole family sits around the table and talks and laughs. Usually there are many beverages served, but as I've mentioned before, we're Irish. Anyway, that year, my uncle had an eight-track of the Village People and I remember Macho Man being played many many times that night, very very late into the night, and my uncle and my dad would enthusiastically bang the table as it played. They were especially fond of the "Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey!" sequence. There were also Indian clubs and pink jumpsuits that Christmas. I mean, isn't that what your family does on Christmas?

Wow, I'm feeling quite festive now. Have a Village People day, everyone!


MoSup said...

Similar. Last year it was a skunk hat.

Anonymous said...

This does not at all sound odd to me. Weird family Christmases are what makes the world go 'round!

Katy said...

sounds like fun, can't say I ever had a xmas like that but hey who knows its almost that time again. Of course I tend to have to work on those days and with Christmas being a Monday I am sure the restaurant will be open

Stewie said...

feeeeeeeeddddddd the worrrrrrrrllldddd

let them know it's christmas time!

hope that helps!

Jenn from WA said...

What a weird thing for you to write about. Just today my favorite local band started their voting for the top 10 worst songs that are voted by the fans, and then later performed by the band at their Halloween show. Not only did YMCA make my list this year, but so did Macho Man. AS did Do they know its Christmas. Hmmm...somethings being channeled alright. Bad music.

Lesley said...

mosup - ooh, a skunk hat sounds lovely!

belle - Very true. I'm just trying to spread the weird xmas love, methinks.

katy - Who goes to a restaurant on Christmas? Now that's just depressing.

stewie - I hate you. Wait three months. Just wait. That song will be everywhere and you won't be able to avoid it or avoid the boisterous laughter that will ensue when you hear it.

jenn - I'll admit that "Do they know it's Christmas?" is very bad, but the Village People? Doesn't anyone appreciate the camp factor? I know I do!

jin said...


I'm so glad other people have weird Xmas family stories.

Every year my Dad would go outside in 20 below snowstorms in his bikini underwear, socks (half-way up the calf) & slippers to direct traffic.
Out of our driveway.
When everyone left at like 3 AM.
ps-We have a very small driveway.
pps-There were usually 3 cars parked in it.
ppps-my Dad does not have a body for bikini underwear.


Ace said...

I don't have Christmas. I'm Jewish.


Ace said...
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Freak Magnet said...

The cop just got busted for drug possession.

omg, I didn't realize the irony of that until just now.