Thursday, January 11, 2007

making my list, checking it twice...

I'm getting ready for my Super Secret Birthday Trip (hee hee!). My laundry is still percolating but it won't take me too long to pack because it's just a few days and I made me a list. Checked it twice.

I was going to try to do all carry-on luggage but then I realized that the liquid restrictions are too ridiculous and I wouldn't be able to bring such necessities as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and shower gel. All things I can't live without!

I am soooooo ready for this weekend trip. Rough day at Startup-dot-org, and I spent just about the whole day fixing something I shouldn't have had to fix (and it was a major, major, MAJOR problem!) and got nothing accomplished that was on my To-Do List. Blast. The good part was that I did not cry, even though I was feeling beyond frustrated. And I didn't yell at anyone. Although I did say that someone is a jackass, but he wasn't at my office today so I hardly think that counts.

The even better part was that when I finally got to go to lunch (at 3:00) I went and bought myself a new Vera Bradley duffle bag in a fun new Spring pattern. Which is what I set out to buy. But then I got to the store and saw a cute purse in that same pattern so I decided that I needed a cute new purse too. And you know what? I deserve it! Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Sorry. You can't predict when the inner Stuart Smalley is going to crop up, now can you?

The other reason I bought the new purse is that starting Tuesday, I'm going to go on a three month ban on buying stuff I don't need. I heard about other people doing that as a New Year's resolution, but I usually either start my resolutions on Lesleymas (December the 5th) or around MLK weekend. So if you have any unmade resolutions, feel free to join me!

Well, I'd better get going, my lovelies. My laundry is just about done, and I need to get to sleep since I have to wake up at ass o'clock for my ass early flight. To my secret destination of birthday goodness!


REAL said...

Secret, secret, I love secrets.
I can't wait to find out where you are going this weekend.


My new resolutions include
Continue being Kewl.
Stop drolling everytime I hear about the iPhone (can we say Pavlov?).
Be the bestest boyfriend ever.

Lisa said...

Hope you're having a great time in that super secret location! :D