Tuesday, February 13, 2007

do you haiku? i do!

it's once again time
to write the verse about love
good, bad, or ugly

won't you join me please?
and perhaps pen a few words
this valentine's day?

haiku is the form
five seven five is the way
share your thoughts with me

five syllables first
seven in the middle line
five again to end

'tis not a contest
this is for fun and giggles
and v-day humor

patron saint awaits
your verse whether great or not
annual haiku fest

Non-haiku prose: It's that time again. Here's last year's post if you need inspiration. I guess this will be an annual thang. Next year, fabulous prizes! Seriously!

Another Lesley tradition I just have to copy from last Valentine's Day eve...

And, a late addition... Some American Idol fun because it's American Idol Tuesday and all.

The Wrong Door American Idol - video powered by Metacafe


Jenn from WA said...

OMG - I have been laughing at all the "other door" people, but this just made it that much more funnier (is that correct grammar?). Whatever. I don't Haiku and am sure no one wants me to.

Happy Tuesday.

Ace said...

I joined Weight Watchers.
I have lost 10 pounds so far.
And my will to live.

Survived second date.
That will suffice this Val Day.
Sent flowers to Mom.

Don't watch Idol show,
But girl running into door:
Funny anyway.

Dino aka Katy said...

that video is hilarious i mean i never watch the show but that is too funny

REAL said...

I wish I could write
A nice Haiku just for you
Alas it eludes me

BTW word verification: fdugop
I think that stands for

Stewie said...

Read my last year's posts.
I noticed my potty mouth.
Like I give a fuck.

Happy VD!