Wednesday, February 07, 2007

feeling knitty

So I haven't updated my much-neglected knitting blog in one long-ass time, so I thought I'd bring all the hot uncensored knitting action over to this blog! Lucky you! Some of this will probably be too knit-o-centric for most of you to care about, so you'll have to tune in tomorrow. My blog, my rules.

Here is my latest finished object, a scarf for LesleyMom for her birthday! It's a feather and fan pattern, which I think has become my "comfort knitting". It's an easy repeat and the finished result is just beautiful. I've made three of these scarves so far, and I'm already thinking I'd like to make some feather and fan socks or baby blanket.

The yarn is some nice Alpaca that I bought at the Yarnery in St. Paul. It's very soft and very warm. I used size 8 needles from the Knitpicks options kit. It's the first project I've used those needles for. If you are looking to invest in a needle kit, I very very highly recommend the Knitpicks set. It is nicer than just about any non-kit needle I've used, and definitely beats the Knit Denise set I've used in the past.

Here's a cute picture of LesleyMom modeling her new birthday scarf. I think it's safe to say she likes it!

For those of you who want more technical knitting deets about this project, I'm going to update the knitting blog later today. Because I'm sure you're eager to know how long it took me to knit this, how long the finished scarf is, and what I did to block it.

Yeah! Hot knitting action all around!


REAL said...

I know that woman.

The scarf is beautiful, I personally like a simpler pattern, but that is just me.

Lesley said...

Oh no! You mean I shouldn't knit a nice lacy scarf for you too? But I was making you one for V-Day! DAMN!!!!

rofl rofl! ;)

Lisa said...

Very pretty Lesley!

MoSup said...

Hi, Lesleymom!

I really think you should make a caption under the picture of Lesleymom that says "Hot Knitting Action."

Lesley said...

lisa - Thanks! :)

mosup - That's a great idea! I think I just may do that. And I think LesleyMom would approve too!

Dino aka Katy said...

thats a beautiful scarf. i wish i had talents like knitting and stuff but then of course i don't have time for anything besides work and school ...