Thursday, February 22, 2007

overheard by me*

*with all necessary apologies to Overheard in the Office

Here's the scene: My Starbucks. This morning. Around 8:35 AM. I pulled into the parking lot and parked Rizzo next to a Prius. The Prius driver man was just exiting their car and meanwhile a lady in a red coat was exiting the Starbucks and walking by us both.

Red Coat: That a hybrid car?

Prius Man: Sure is.

Red Coat: Wow. So it runs on potatoes, right?

Prius Man: Ummm...

Red Coat: Those hybrid cars! They run! on! potatoes!

Prius Man: Actually, they use both gasoline and an internal electric system, along with regenerative braking...

Red Coat: (giving Prius Man a look like he was out of his mind) I saw this on the news. The cars run on potatoes and it's all from natural products. POTATOES!

Prius Man: I think you misunderstood...

Red Coat: Are you telling me I can't follow the news? You got some nerve! (storms off)


I am rather proud of myself that I was able to listen to this whole exchange and not laugh out loud. I'll admit that I walked slowly toward the entrance and lingered a little at the door, but come on, I had to catch this!

I ended up standing in line with Prius Man right behind me. When we were waiting for our drinks I turned to him and said "You know you should have just let it go at the first mention of potatoes." He laughed and said "I know." I felt kind of bad for the guy. I'm used to getting all sorts of weird questions about my car, but they're mostly from either attendants who don't want to sell me diesel or from people asking me why my car sounds so loud. I haven't fielded any potato questions. Yet.

Anyway, my real reason for going to Starbucks was to start my day with my latest favorite Starbucks treat. It's a complicated one -- triple grande nonfat sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte. You got all that? Great. Thank you.

My travel mug had gotten a little, well, moldy I think is the word, so today I treated myself to a new one. It's very periwinkle, isn't it? So I can drink from it and feel periwinkle myself.

Have a periwinkle day, my babies. Unless you run on potatoes, in which case, I wish you a potatoey hybrid day. Because I'm nice like that.


REAL said...

I wonder if the sports model runs on Potato Vodka?

BTW my word verification was not naughty or inappropriate in any way today - True Story.

MoSup said...

This potato story reminded me of the time in junior high when a bunch of the boys put a potato in the tailpipe of the science teacher's car. So funny!

Sid said...

Love the little one-act play at the Starbucks. I sometimes wonder if people like Red Coat are being intentionally dense in a Borat/Usenet-troll kind of way. I feel better about humanity when I think we are stupid mostly for our own amusement.

Thank you for making my day a little more periwinkle. I also love the delicately feng shui-ed little desk space you reveal in your photo. How long did it take you to arrange the photo, mug, phone and red stapler just so?

But. Enquiring minds want to know. What are all the icons on your computer desktop, and what do they reveal about you?

For instance, now I know that you browse with Firefox, you little vixen.

Naturally, you don't have to reveal ALL your desktop secrets. But some of those icons are intriguing. Just wondering.

Lesley said...

real - I thought you were scaring pop artists or something? Oh wait. That's not you. Never mind. ;)

mosup - Potato in a tailpipe, eh? Not much to do in your small town? :)

sid - Actually, that is my desk in its natural state. My phone, my red stapler, and now my periwinkle mug.

Wow, no one has ever asked about my icons before. Yes, of course, I use Firefox, especially since there's all those nifty Greasemonkey scripts I can use. But since you asked, starting with the bottom row, this is what I have on there...

Winamp, Integrated Evil 7, SharpReader
Firefox, a folder, Remote Desktop Connection, a jpg
Google Earth, Gmail Notifier, SQL Query Analyzer, FoxIt Reader shortcut
Google Desktop, a SQL query, a VPN setting, a pdf
Flock browser, calculator, palm desktop, jpg
Documents To Go, Audacity, Logon Script, WinDirStat
PalmOne Install, a ppt file, a dll, VNC Viewer
Recycle bin, folder, a VPN, Trillian

Wow. Now that I listed them all I realized how very techie I am. And this is just my Windows machine. I also have a Mac powerbook and a Linux box.

Sid said...

Awesomely techie. And you are a triple operating-system threat, to boot! What flavor of Linux?

Lesley said...

I had Red Hat, but I'm now using Ubuntu.

Jenn from WA said...

Are there any cars that run on potatoes? Or perhaps she's from Idaho and lives in the land of "wishful thinking".

And what exactly would the exhaust of potatoes smell like?

Anonymous said...

It is a very periwinkle day. I would have to agree. Periwinkle is the color of the season after all. Not like the color of your STAPLER or some shit like that...

REAL said...

I guess we are a triple threat couple.

OS X 10.4.8
Windows XP sp2
Hoary Hedgehog (also known as Ubuntu 5.04)

Also that is all on my laptop!

I can't believe I didn't notice it the first time, but that is one HOT wallpaper you have on your desktop.

Ace said...

Is biodiesel made from potatoes?

Lesley said...

jenn - I don't think there's any cars that run on potatoes. Most cars run on dinosaurs.

anonymous - You are teh funny! While I do adore my red stapler, I certainly wouldn't want to adorn myself in such a color. Ugh!

real - Wow, how nerdy are we? And yes, I get lots of compliments on the wallpaper!

ace - No, biodiesel is made from vegetable oil. Which can be used to fry potatoes.

Dino aka Katy said...

OMG I can't believe you didn't laugh I would have - biodiesel is big in Germany you have to convert your car which is a bit costly but you get the money back in becuase the bio is cheaper

Ranting said...

Mmmmm vodka! Real, are you holdin out?

Lesley, that is hilarious. Sometime people (redcoat)can act like such idiots!!!Haha!

I love the periwinkle!

MoSup said...

I bet your clergy-types are looking for some inspiration right about now.

Freak Magnet said...

You know, I don't drink a lot of coffee outside of work, but I have to admit they make some beautiful travel mugs. And yours is absolutely gorgeous. Periwinkly gorgeous