Thursday, March 15, 2007

after! the! break!

I was ho-hum about last night's American Idol results show. I could have seen any of those three go home and not cared. None of them has any chance of winning. I thought Brandon was sweet but no where near the level of Melinda and LaKisha. Those two girls are so much better than everyone else that it's not even funny. I guess this season is pretty ho-hum. But I'll still watch, because after all, it's the Idol. And Melinda and LaKisha really are that good. I'd watch it even if every week was just them singing, as long as they included some gratuitous Simon time. Oh how I love my Simon!

I'll tell you who I don't love, though -- THAT PHIL PERSON! For one thing, he missed the birth of his child so he could audition for Idol. Now, I love Idol as much as anyone else, but it is NOT worth missing the birth of your child! I figured they had just let him through because they figured his wife would kill him if he didn't make it. But he's ridden that gravy train long enough, it's time to kick him to the curb, people.

And also, he's SCARY! He looks like Nosferatu and the Heaven's Gate guy got together and had a child. Look at the evidence...



And please, next week? Don't ANYONE vote for Sanjaya, okay? The kid looks so lost and so unhappy. Let's just put him out of his misery. NO VOTES FOR YOU, SANJAYA!

Well, that's enough American Idol for today. I can go back to privately obsessing about it now.


REAL said...

Be sure not to let him have any soup either.

MoSup said...

It's like that Conan O'Brien "If they mated" skit! Creepy!

Jenn from WA said...

I'm not a huge idol fan like some - guess who - but I did catch bits and pieces of it this week. I'm with you on the Melinda and LaKisha they have some pipes.

Sanjaya - WTF? He looks like a scared lost rabbit.

Bald boy - He is scary, and he can't really sing. I didn't like him in general.

And I too, LOVE SIMON. I love his honesty and I love how clueless everyone is when it comes to him saying something bad...he's usually right on.