Wednesday, March 07, 2007

fare thee well my fairy fay

So I was just at Really Big Meeting wherein the president of Startup-dot-org gave us all an update about our startup activities and what our Board thinks about it. We're doing pretty good. And that is all I'll say about it here, lest I reveal my Place of Employment and lose my job.

During the meeting, one of my esteemed colleagues had his stupid phone with him. You know those tech guys who wear their phones on their belts because they are presumably surgically attached to said phone and can't let it out of their sight for one goddamned minute? He's one of those. And I guess the phone was trying to tell him something (Voicemail reminder? Email reminder? Don't forget to tivo Battlestar reminder?) and he didn't have the Good Sense to put the phone on VIBRATE or MUTE before the meeting, so every two minutes it would make a little "doodle-doo!" sound. A sound which, musically, was identical to the "Fare thee well! Fare thee well!" refrain of the song "Polly Wolly Doodle All Day!" And now I'm here with that damn song stuck in my head. This is why I hate people.

The good part (if there is a good part), is that song also makes me think of Clerks 2. In the scene where Elias is getting dropped off at Mooby's by his parents, they are all whistling this song as they drive up in their station wagon, and then Elias keeps whistling it as he's walking into Mooby's as pictured here. And Clerks 2 makes me think happy things. (Happy along!) After all, it's my (new) favorite Kevin Smith movie. And it's very sweet.

In other news, if one more person tells me about Oprah and "the secret!" and how it's saved their life, I am going to be so overcome with a case of vapors that I will have to beg you to fetch me a martini and perhaps some of those magic painkillers that take away my migraines. I was going to write a diatribe about this "the secret!" and how shitheaded it is, but my friends at have already done so! Thank you, Salon! So please, stop telling me about how you're visualizing what you really want and embracing gratitude.

But now you must excuse me. It's time for me to go visualize what I want for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Oprah.

REAL said...

Anonymous that is a disgusting thought.


I refuse to watch Oprah - mostly because I don't usually have any bon bons around.

Anonymous said...

Fucking George Clooney.

Lesley said...

real - I hear you on the lack of bon bons. Plus that whole pesky job thingy gets in the way. You could always read the magazine though...

anonymous - Is that what you're visualizing? ;)

Jenn from WA said...

I spit out my coffee when I read the part about tivo'ing (is that a verb now?) Battlestar - considering that its on the TV as I write this. Dork Admission alert!

Regarding the Secret, while I don't see all the points of the Secret, I've gotta say, I at least am seeing things more positively than I was before I saw the show. That, of course, assumes the obvious which is it only occurs on days I've had full coffee overload. That makes me very happy.

REAL said...

How could you not remember Battlestar - best show on television.

Ace said...

What is this? Is this like one of those things that says "Want to make millions from home? Send $5 to me to learn how!"

And it turns out the "how" involves buying ads that say "Want to make milliions from home?" and getting lots of people to send you $5.

I don't want Oprah. But the Salon article makes it sound that way. I gotta get that woman to endorse "Dead Hunt."