Thursday, March 01, 2007

good news, bad news

The good news is I don't have bronchitis.

The bad news is I have pneumonia. And I also didn't win the mega millions.

I saw the good doctor, and I have a whole slew of medicines to take. And right now my humidifier is percolating with some peppermint and eucalyptus oils. I've got that righteous cough syrup with the codeine in it so now I can finally get some quality sleep.

My sister once had pneumonia in college, and her oft-used refrain was "I have pneumonia. People die from pneumonia."

People, this will become my refrain for the next week. Because I'm sure at some point next week I'll go back to work, and then I'll have someone bugging my ass for something and I'll just have to tell them "Hey, back off! I have pneumonia. People die from pneumonia."

Anyway, I am exhausted, kids. Just exhausted. I think I forgot how exhausting the pneumonia is. I am going to get some more rest.

I had Lipton ringo noodle soup for lunch today with some Lemon Zinger tea. Tasty.


Ace said...

I had pneumonia once. It sucked.

But it WAS the only time I got to spend the night in the hospital.

Get well soon!

Lisa said...

Yuck! I had pneumonia in my freshman year of college. Not fun at all.

Quick healing vibes to you, Lesley!

MoSup said...

Oh no, Lesley! I'll say a prayer you get better soon! No repeats of the pneumonia turing into worse, please!

Hooray for the cough syrup with codeine! Enjoy it! It's the best stuff!

Freak Magnet said...

Honey, take enough of that cough syrup, and you won't care you have pneumonia. That stuff ROCKS.

Freak Magnet said...

Oh! And I hope you feel better soon. Please don't take the omission of that wish from the first comment as I don't really care. I do. And I want you to be well. You've earned it after all the other crap, too.

Ranting said...

Feel better Lesley!

I think it would be funny if you added a, "don't you know!" to the end of your sister's trademarked expression!lol