Monday, March 12, 2007

more happy

It's a frustrating day in Lesleyland, people. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that someone broke one of the systems that I maintain at work. And he's lying about it so that's making it very difficult to figure out what exactly he did to break it. I spent close to two hours on the phone with tech support and got absolutely no where with that. So my stuff is still broken. And all the other work I had to do today is on hold. And I didn't get to take my lunchtime until 2:00 so I was ready to take a bite out of my desk. And I am not happy about any of that.

But hey, I have to get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay. Happy thoughts, people, HAPPY THOUGHTS! So I figure rather than bitch some more about how I'm the only one who knows what I'm doing and that I'm sick of fixing things that other people break and I'm completely underpaid and underappreciated, instead, I will share a few things that are making me happy today. I hope they make you happy too.

Socks! I am nearly done with a new pair of socks! Just in time for some more cold weather later this week. Yay for cold weather! These are the first pair that I have made using the toe-up magic loop technique and I am loving it. The yarn is some yummy hand-dyed sock merino. I can't wait to put these babies on my feet! Now, you may be wondering, why would I want to knit socks? The answer is simple: Because I can, because I can, BECAUSE I CAN CAN CAN! There is really nothing like the feel of custom-knit handmade socks. And the merino is so nice to wear, much nicer than cotton or nylon. Plus it's a very portable project that I can take just about anywhere with me.

Soup! I went to Whole Foods for some chicken noodle soup today. They make the best chicken noodle soup EVER. I need to get the recipe because I could eat it every day. And actually, most days that I buy my lunch it's what I get. There's something different about it -- I think they put ginger in it because it almost has a Chinese chicken soup taste to it but it's not overly pungent. Whatever it is, this soup is crazy good.

Yogurt! And this is the yogurt I bought to go with my lunch. It's Greek and it is the best yogurt I've ever tasted. Vastly different in texture than other kinds of yogurt I've tried. Plus it's got a cool Greek name and my friend Gana taught me how to pronounce it properly and frankly, I just like saying the name of it. Plus it's got all that good active yogurt culture going on, which is oh so very important for girls on antibiotics. If you're also a girl you don't need me to elaborate. So I won't. I know you know.

New yarn! On Saturday I bought some new yarn from my peeps at Woolbearers. This colorway is called Purple Pansies and I just love it. I bought enough to make a cardigan with, and right now there are two main contenders for the pattern I will choose. If you're a knitter or just someone with opinions, take a look and tell me which you prefer. First, there's Bella. I know the pattern shows a red sweater, but I think the lacework and ruffles would look pretty in the multicolored yarn. And then there's Sonnet. Sonnet is an easier pattern, and mostly just knit, whereas Bella requires much purling, some lace, and even ruffles! I could go either way. I'm going to wind this yarn into a skein when I get home tonight and knit some swatches to see if I like it better in garter stitch (all knit) or stockinette (alternating knitting and purling). Stay tuned for further details. I know you're on the edge of your seats...

And as if that's all not too much happy for you to handle, have I mentioned that it's like 10 days and change until I get to see my Real again? W00t!!! I have my ticket, and this morning I reserved my parking, so now I am all set. I just have to be a patient girl and wait for next Friday to get here already so I can get my ass on that plane!

Well, that's enough happy for now. You know, writing this blog really did make me feel better. So I should thank you, my dear friends in blogland. *sniff* You guys rock!


REAL said...

I personally can not wait to see your post on or after March 15th.

I predict an uber happy post.

Jenn from WA said...

don't you wish you could dope slap people at work? I do all the time. Some day I'm going to invent a way to do it and not have it targeted back to me as the "slapper".

I personally love the Sonnet sweater and think the yarn you've chosen kicks white ass. = )

As for the soup at Whole Paycheck - er ah Foods - that looks tasty. Too bad I didn't have one closer than 15 miles from where I work. Or maybe its better that I don't.

As for 10 days and know I live vicariously through that counter right?

Cinda Kay said...

I like both sweaters, tough call. I like the romantic feel of Bella, it looks fun. But as I enjoy instant gratification in my knitting, I personally would probably pick Sonnet, because it is cute and easier. Of course, I'm also terribly intimidated by lacy patterns, which I know you are not. You have rocking knitting skills, which often turn me green with envy, so I think the swatch idea is a good one since you'll see how the stitch pattern will work. I think the question will answer itself with the swatches. That's good, because I know that I have been absolutely no help. I want to know what you pick. I bid you good night dear lesleygirl.

Freak Magnet said...

I vote for Sonnet. Because I know my opinion means so much to you.