Saturday, March 10, 2007

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!

I've been meaning to post some potential inspiration for my clergy type readers, but people, that is tough business! But I can see my hits are doing their usual Saturday night surge, so I know you all are procrastinating on your sermon writing. So I'll do my patron saintly duties and try to help.

I took a look at this week's pericope. Wow. Kind of a sucky week, kids! I know this is going to sound completely unorthodox, but I would stay away from that Luke reading. I think I'd go with something more from Isaiah. The whole thing about calling nations that you do not know sounds pretty inclusive to me, and you know how I like the inclusivity.

Since many of you clergy types are Lutherans, tell me, are you getting sick of Lent? It's the third week already, and from what I remember back when the Lutherans and I were going steady, they take Lent way too seriously. I used to say that I was going to write a special "Lenten We Suck" liturgy for Lutherans to use during these forty days. It would mostly be like the usual liturgy, except all of the responses would be "We suck." No "And also with you" or "Lord have mercy" or even those pesky "Alleluias". No. Just "we suck." Trust me, this would be a huge seller. HUGE!

But alas, I will most likely never pen the "Lenten We Suck" liturgy for the Lutheran church. Because the Lutheran church is Dead To Me. And that is one list you do NOT get removed from, people.

In other, much more important news, I am sure all of you, my dear blogfriends, are as pleased with the American Idol voting this week as I am. I am very happy that stupid Sundance won't be there anymore yucking up my TV every week, and I am quite overjoyed that Antonella is also gone. As I mentioned previously, I did not like her lack of representin' for the Garden State. She was really projecting a very poor image for Jersey Girls and as a Jersey Girl I very much take issue with that. How dare she!

So I've been trying to think of much more positive Jersey Girl examples in popular culture. This morning I watched the original Clerks (love you, Encore Indie channel!) and I found some inspiration therein. That Veronica Loughran character? Now she's a worthy Jersey Girl. In her first scene in the movie, she enters the Quick Stop and comes upon an angry anti-smoking mob pelting her boyfriend Dante with cigarettes. Veronica jumps on the counter, grabs the fire extinguisher, and sprays them all, which promptly puts a stop to their meager protest. Later that day, she brings Dante some homemade lasagna for lunch, since he is stuck at work. I could site more examples but I don't want to give away too much of the plot, in case some of you out there live under a rock and have not seen Clerks.

And if you haven't seen Clerks, seriously, what is up with that?

Time for me to go spring forward and then get some sleep. To my clergy types and non clergy types alike, GOOD NIGHT. Over & out!


MoSup said...

The "we suck" liturgy sounds very emerging church to me.

And, oh yes, my hatred of Lent continues strong.

Jenn from WA said...

I gave up being catholic for lent (I'm Lutheran - get it...its a joke).

Anyhow, I think I'm missing out on some vital humor in my life. I don't get the humor in clerks nor do I get the humor in Napolean Dynamite. Must one be intoxicated to enjoy these? Cuz if so, I'm game.