Wednesday, March 14, 2007

surprised by bling!

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday. Actually, it was brought by FedEx, but you know what I mean. You want to see what it was?

OMG! Bling! Lucky me!

That's right, my wonderful boyfriend Real sent me this beautiful necklace. It's blue topaz (my birthstone) with diamonds in white gold. This picture does not do it justice, but it's the best I can do while taking self-portraits at work.

He had mentioned he was sending me a surprise but he had given no indication what it was and he wouldn't tell me no matter how many times I asked. That Real is quite an international man of mystery, I tell you. Well, he succeeded. I was very surprised!

What's the occasion, you ask? Well, apparently today is known as White Day in some countries and that's a day when men give gifts to women who gave them gifts for Valentine's Day. Hey, I am not making that up. Go read the wiki if you don't believe me.

I know that there is another faction who believes that Valentine's Day should be for women, and that today, March 14, should be for men, but we don't need to discuss their proposed holiday right here, right now. I'll just mention that it involves steak and leave it at that.

Today is also Pi Day. You know, since you could write the day as 3.14 and 3.14 is very close to 3.14159... as in Pi. And just so you know, I wrote that from memory. Because that's how nerdy I am. I'd prefer it to be Pie Day though. Mmmmmm... pie!

So, I suggest you take this day to maybe enjoy some pie or steak or maybe even some bling! Someday I may figure out a way to combine all of these supposed holidays. If I do, I'll totally let you guys know what I come up with.


MoSup said...

That is so beautiful, you lucky, lucky girl!!

Laura Belle said...

Pi Day, 3.14.
Can that be celebrated in the same fashion as 4.20?
Hmmmm, thoughts to ponder while admiring one's new White Day adornment...

REAL said...

Yes laura belle, you celebrate it at 1:59 as in 3/14 1:59. So I hope everybody got their piece of pie today.

Lisa said...

Beautiful!! WTG Real!!!

Lesley said...

mosup - Thanks! :)

belle - You are one among very few peeps I know who would write such a comment. Hilarious.

real - I didn't have pie. Did you?

lisa - Thanks!

Dino aka Katy said...

awww very pretty necklace. Grumpy has good taste in jewelery too I love my engagement ring

Lesley said...

Thanks, katy! So far I would have to say that Real has good taste in jewelry too!