Thursday, October 25, 2007

bad half week

People, I am having a very bad week. The second half of this week, that is. The first half of the week was excellent, since Jared was here and all. The second half? Not so much. Why, you ask? Well, I'll make a list. You know how I love making lists.

1. My favorite pair of glasses broke. Which means I have to wear a pair that got mangled in a Thanksgiving Incident and are not quite right. I have an eye doctor appointment on Tuesday and I'm hoping they can fix either my favorite glasses or my backup glasses then since I'll have to wait about a week for my new pair. I miss the hell out of my favorite glasses though. I'm not The Lesley without them!

2. On my way home from the office last night, after a way too long and way too crazy day, I got a flat tire. I called the Geico roadside assistance and forty minutes later, help was there. (Yay Geico!) However, tow truck guy # 1 couldn't figure out how to get the lugnuts off my tire and yelled at me for (supposedly) not having the key and not knowing how to get the lugnuts off. How am I supposed to know these things? This is why I pay for the roadside assistance! Oh and did I mention that it was raining like a bastard last night? Because it was. I called my friend Petey, who also drives a Volkswagen, to ask him to bring me his tire key, but tow truck guy # 1 left in a huff. Geico called me back and said that they would send me someone else (Again, yay Geico!) and tow truck guy # 2 arrived right before Petey got there. And guess what? The lugnut key was right there in my tire-changing kit where it belongs! Imagine that! Two truck guy # 2 had the tire changed in about 10 minutes and I was on my way. The flat tire had a screw in it, right where the sidewall meets the bottom of the tire so I'd say it's cooked.

3. I keep a pair of headphones on my desk that I plug into my laptop so I can do things like watch previews for The Office and Ugly Betty. This morning, I went to plug them in so I could get my Thursday dose of previews and guess what? They're not there! WTF? I know I didn't take them home, and they're not in my desk, so what the hell? I really have no idea who could have taken them since they're just a cheap pair of headphones that I got with my portable XM radio thingy but I sure hope that whoever took them enjoys the ear infection that will come with them. Which leads me to...

4. Ear infection. And right now I would pretty much bet my next paycheck that my sinuses are infected again too. My ears had been bothering me for a few days and last night when I laid down to go to sleep I felt a shooting pain in my left ear. And I have some sinus symptoms which I won't gross you out with here. NOT GOOD. So I called the ENT doctor this morning to ask for some drugs, which they have called in, but they want me to stop by for a culture so they can check for the dreaded MRSA. Because I had it last year and all. That's right, before it became trendy and everyone else started getting the drug-resistant staph, I had it first, people. Because I am such the trendsetter and all. If it is MRSA and I have to get another CAT scan, I will scream. I can handle taking two months of Levaquin and putting that other medicine up my nose (yes, I know, GROSS) but I cannot handle being put in the little CAT scan machine again.

Oh and before you ask, I still have no idea where I caught the staph in the first place. It's quite the mystery. It could be lots of places. I had flown on four different flights the week before I got it, which took me to four different airports. I also had taken the NJ Transit and the NYC subway in that time. Plus some of my co-workers are germy types. I'm just saying.

Well, I think I have bitched enough for one blog today. I'll probably bitch some more tomorrow about how much the new tire cost or what's going on with my sinuses. So if I have any readers left by then, you can read all about it!


MoSup said...

Holy cow, Lesley, that really is a crappy half-week! I feel for you!

Freak Magnet said...

No likey when Lesley has bad week. You're having a time of it, girl.

Oh, and as far as the staph goes - please stay at least 100 yards away from me, please.

Dino aka Katy said...

wow not good. hope things are looking up and its not MRSA

sid said...

Or maybe, with all your travelling, you will turn out to have been the vector for this whole national outbreak, and someday you'll get written up in medical journals and stuff. Schoolchildren will read about Typhoid Lesley in case histories that liberally quote this blog, and they will shake their heads.

And your fame becomes ever more immortal.

Jared said...

Yes, it is the yellow sun.
Now all I have to do is avoid green space rocks and bald headed evil business men.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a crummy week. Hope there's lots of good things on the weekend agenda to break the curse.

montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

Roadside assistance. Fuck. I forgot it existed. Oh how I miss living in the land of plenty!

congrats, by the way.

from a regular lurker