Friday, April 18, 2008

1 across: online journal (4 letters)

That would be BLOG! And that would be a crossword clue right there, kids. You see, my home delivery of the New York Times started today and as a subscriber I have access to all of their crossword puzzles online. I am a crossword junkie, so I have been waiting for this. So while I would love to write a witty blog for you, I've been too busy doing crosswords to think about blogging. Well, busy with other things too. But yeah, um, crosswords. Yay!

My sinuses are getting better, thank you for asking. I actually think the Magic Sleep Machine is helping things along. You see, it has a humidifier attached to it, so I turned the humidifier to its most humid setting and I think it's helping my sinuses get less junky. Although the sinuses are getting better the allergies are still kicking my ass. Damn you, tree pollen!

I keep driving around my new town and thinking "I should take a picture of that!" about various things. Mostly for blogging purposes, natch. Today I realized that rather than saying "I should take a picture of that!" I should just take the damn picture already. Crazy how that works.

The supermarket that I go to now that I moved is called Acme. It's a nice store and they have some fabulous bargains, but I feel a little like Wile E. Coyote when I'm shopping there since all of his anti-roadrunner anvils, rockets, etc came from the Acme company. I have yet to see any anti-roadrunner implements for sale at the Acme store. I may have to inquire about this.

I really wish I could somehow interact with the Googlers who find my blog. Or at least ask them why they Googled what they Googled. Today someone Googled "Transformers pr0n" and clicked their way over. Who wants to look at porn (or pr0n) about the Transformers? Sickies.
That's who.

I need to get back to my crosswords. I have a significant chunk of today's puzzle done, and if you know how difficult the Friday puzzle is, you'd know that that's quite an achievement!


Freak Magnet said...

I don't remember who or what I did with it, but I got lego pr0n from someone. It was hysterical.

MoSup said...

Everyone keeps googling "He Must Be Like Putin" and getting my blog. I bet they're sorely disappointed.

It would be fun to see photos!

danielle said...

When I was growing up, my grandmother's local grocery store was an Acme and I REALLY didn't want to eat anything that came from there. Why would I? Everything was defective, right?