Sunday, April 13, 2008

come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy!

What you want to see my new digs? Well, look no further, my babies, 'cause here it is! That right there is my humble abode. I live on the first floor, and the door on the left is mine. I love the way this apartment has that not-apartment kind of look to it. There's lots of trees around, as you can see, and it's a very pretty setting. Love it!

This is my kitchen, in a very minor state of disarray. I took this photo this morning after I went to the grocery store and before I did some cleaning up. Like my new red tea kettle? It is all sorts of snazzy. I have adjusted to cooking with the electric stove quite well, I am pleased to report. You can also see the new dishwasher (yay!) and my oft-used slow cooker (yay again!). I promise it's neater than this now. It's a very bright and sunny kitchen and I am quite happy with it! I'll be even happier after I get a dinette set for it. LesleyMom and I are going to go shopping for that this week. Fun!

And here is my living room, with my snazzy new living room furniture. Can I just tell you, I LOVE this furniture and I am very proud of myself for choosing wisely with it. You see, when I went to the big furniture store, I had no idea how to pick out a living room set, and I must have sat on every damn couch in the place. Honestly, I am not crazy about the pillows that came with it, but I figure that I can change the pillow covers periodically and that will really snazz the place up.

This concludes today's tour of Chez Lesleygirl. Tune in next time when we visit my dining room, bedroom, and bathroom, oh my!


MoSup said...

Can I come visit?

Lesley said...

Of course!

Jenn said...

It looks fantastic! Love your couches -- and I agree, a little pop of color with some pillow covers will make a world of difference.

Mrs.X said...

Super snazzy! I love the red door. I wish I could have a red door. But, red door doesn't go with tannish-pink brick. *pout*

Dino aka Katy said...

how cute

Jenn from WA said...

Oh it looks so bright and sunny. I loved it when I moved into an apt that didn't make me feel like I lived in a cave.

Lesley said...

jenn - Thanks! I think I'm going to either buy or sew some new covers soon. I'll post the results! :)

mrs. x - I didn't realize how fab the red door is until I took these photos. I really like it now!

katy - thank you!

mosup - Indeed! I hope that means that all who enter will know such things as which fork to use for which course.

jenn from wa - I think that's what I love so much about it. I get the morning sun on one end and the afternoon sun on the other. So it's always bright and sunny!

Lisa said...

Very cool! Looks like your still using your kitchen A LOT. :)