Tuesday, April 29, 2008

don't you know it's true, all i really need is you...

Okay, ladies, here's this week's American Idol Cougar Roundup!

David Cook, rowr!!!

Most weeks, Paula manages to hold it together better than she did tonight. When she started off by evaluating Jason for the *two* songs he sang, when in reality, he had only sung *one* song, I knew it was going to be a bumpy ride for Paula tonight. Paula, please! Lay off the Jesus juice until at least the half hour mark, okay?

In other, non-Idol news, I have this vague inkling that maybe, just maybe, there's going to be a new movie coming out soon with Patrick Dempsey in it. A new movie in the wacky romantic comedy genre. I'm not sure though. I mean, you'd think that if such a movie existed, they'd show a commercial or two for it. Or perhaps completely saturate the airwaves during each and every TV show I watch. Oh wait... they did that already? For realz?

So by now, I'm sure you've all heard more than you ever wanted to know about Miley Cyrus and her backless photo. I've seen it too. It's pretty much unavoidable now. And the backless photo didn't bother me. Yeah, it was a little provocative and her makeup was all sorts of tarty, but really, was that anything you wouldn't see if she were to wear a bathing suit? Or even a prom dress?

The photo I found offensive is the one right here. That is her FATHER, for fuck's sake. Mr. Achy Breaky One Hit Wonder So Now I'm Getting Rich Off My Kid himself. This photo grosses me out to no end, and not just because I didn't like Billy Ray back in his 1992 heyday or on Dancing With the Stars. He's lounging there with his daughter like she's his girlfriend. And homeslice totally looks like he's about to donkey punch her. Believe me when I say That. Ain't. Right.

Well. That's enough disturbing content for one day. Lesleygirl OUT!


Snooze said...

Okay. that is an inappropriate pose with his daughter, but dayum he's looking hot...

MeHereNow said...

OK two points

1) I SO did not recognize him


2) they SO do look like a couple


Freak Magnet said...

See, I disagree. She's 15 f'ing years old and she's basically alluding that she's naked. I'm sorry, but 15 + naked = child porn.

When I see the other pic, though, I see a father and daughter who are close. It doesn't bother me at all.

Jenn from WA said...

So I've not seen the picture and may be the only person in the free world who hasn't, but I really don't care to. Everything in the world of hollyworld is done for the sole purpose of exploiting. She's in a position to be exploited, and she put herself there.

As for the father/daughter picture...I'm on the fence. Photography wise I like the composition of the photo, but I'm just not sure.

But my cougar review is YUM YUM GIMME SUM - Mr. Idol is yummy