Wednesday, April 02, 2008

everybody here comes from somewhere they would just as soon forget...

Today was my first day back to work post-move. The new commute was like Dream Commute compared with the old one. I made it to work in 20 minutes, which was 10 minutes less than I had estimated. So then I sat in my car for 10 minutes and drank coffee and listened to the radio when I got to the office. No need to give them 10 minutes more of the Lesley than they're paying for, right? I mean, I can't just be giving it away here.

I have now set up an intricate system of power strips so that I can shut down things that don't need to stay on when I'm not home, like my TV and DVD player. Yes, I'm one of Those People. But hey, this way I can save money and I'm doing things to help our planet. Al Gore would be proud of me. Proud enough that he'd drop by in his Prius to thank me and when I'd say "Oh no, thank YOU, Mr. Vice President!", he'd be all "You can call me Al." And then we'd laugh about it over some fair-trade coffee. Nice.

I've been feeling like quite the Becky Homecky since I moved. I even got up early today so that I could get my slow cooker started before I went to work. I made a big pot of Giambotta, which is an Italian vegetable stew. It was kickass. You should totally join me for some. We're serving up Giambotta with crusty bread and a can of seltzer here at Chez Lesleygirl. Tasty!

R.E.M. is on the Colbert Report tonight. I suggest you watch it. Unless you're lucky enough to have the DVR, like me. I hope they sing that "Supernatural Superserious." I can't get that song out of my head. Actually, I suggest you check out the new CD from R.E.M. as well. It's easily their best in years, quite reminiscent of their older stuff. Good times.

Back to Colbert & R.E.M. I know Michael Stipe is supposed to be the attractive one regardless of one's orientation, but I've had a crush on Mike Mills since he sang lead on "Texarkana". (A cute pudge? Break me off a piece of that!) Plus, anyone who wrote a song like "Nightswimming" is A-OK in my book.


Lisa said...

"Can't give them more time then they're paying for..." Hehe!! Indeed.

Will you send me the stew recipe? You had me at crusty bread!

Jenn said...

This entry totally made me LMAO. "And then we had some free trade coffee." Fabulous.

I'm with Lisa - that soup sounds awesome.

Mrs.X said...

Mike Mills doesn't hold a candle to Peter! He was my REM crush (ha!) back in the day. As for Michael Stipe, well, let's just be kind and say he hasnt' aged well.

Glad you got a Dream Commute - isn't amazing what a difference it makes? Of course, I went from a 5 minute commute (with no stop lights) to a 5 second commute - I now work from home. I know, everyone feels so sorry for me.

MoSup said...

I love your term "Becky Homecky"!

Lesley said...

lisa - I will send the recipe to you later.

jenn - Aw, thanks! And please! Who wouldn't serve fair-trde coffee to Al Gore? ;)

mrs. x - You work from home? I'd love to do that, although I worry that then I would become a total hermit. Maybe someday. And no, Michael Stipe has not aged well. But with this new CD, I can say that he still rocks.

Jenn from WA said...

"Giambotta with crusty bread and a can of seltzer", what time's dinner? I fear I may have missed it.

Stewie said...

I need to set up an intricate system for my power strips.

But that's only to shut things down so I don't burn down the house.

Screw the Earth.