Friday, April 11, 2008

have you ever thought it's YOU that's boring?

I've got quite the flurry and/or slurry of feelings right now. Par normal, it makes me think of a song. One that I've been yelling the words to quite a bit.

Liz Phair is *so* my girlfriend. Oh and if per chance you don't like the YouTube videos, the complaint department can be found by clicking that red X in the top right of your screen if using a Windows platform, or by clicking the red dot in the upper left of your screen if you're lucky enough to have a Macintosh like yours very truly here.

I had an odd day at work. I began the day fretting about the future of my job, and I began reading Wikipedia articles to distract myself. For some reason I wanted to look up when St. Petersburg had been renamed Leningrad and then changed back again, and that led to lots of reading about the Russian royal family, Pavlov and his dogs, and then since I was reading about the City Formerly Known As Leningrad, it seemed fair that I should read about the City Formerly Known As Stalingrad. I would like to visit St. Petersburg someday. But I will pass on the former Stalingrad, thank you very much.

Throw in a little (just a little!) work and that was my morning. My afternoon was spent making fun of a really stupid website of the helpful hints genre with two friends over IM. I think I may just have to start my own helpful hints website. It would have such sage advice as "Buy cleaning product. Use it. Reward yourself with chocolate." Or "No one cares what your damn sink looks like, now go vacuum!" I'm just saying.

So take all of that and throw in the weird mix of feelings and well, that was my day. It got considerably better after leaving work, I should add. MoSup told me today that I manage to Take The High Road so often that she believes they should name it after me. Lesley Boulevard! And while it is true that I have been biting my tongue and opting for the high road, sometimes it no effing picnic, people. Sometimes it's downright exhausting.

But I digress. Right now, at this moment, I have other things to do. And other people to talk to. Good night.


MoSup said...

I also believe Lesley Boulevard would lead to some really awesome destination! (Not Stalingrad.)

Carey said...

I love Liz Phair. I just put some of her stuff on a mix cd of vagina rock (my brother's term, not mine) that I made for a recently-divorced friend. Thank you WXRT Radio Chicago for introducing her to me!

Jenn from WA said...

Thanks to you I downloaded that song last time you put it on your blog. LOVE IT. And every time that point comes where she says "Have you ever thought it's you who's boring?" I stop every conversation that might be going on and sing it OUT LOUD!!! I sooo want to sing it to XXXcrush!