Friday, April 04, 2008

if you call i will answer, and if you fall I'll pick you up...

I'm not feeling so much like the blogging tonight so instead I thought I'd once again share my fabulous taste in music with you. Tonight's selection is "Call and Answer" by the Barenaked Ladies.

I love this song, especially the lyrics. And the video's not bad, either. I mean, look at all those Volkswagens!

That chicken stock I told you about yesterday? It turned out beautifully! I will probably cook something with it later this weekend. Not sure what yet though. I baked some cranberry scones after work tonight (crazy, yes, I know) and I cleaned my kitchen while they were baking. The unpacking is still in progress but I feel like I've done one hell of a lot in just one week. So I don't feel too bad about having some unpacking yet to do!

I need to do some Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition tomorrow and I'm going to apply a new template. However, there won't be any disruption in your daily dose of Lesleygirl. Just in case you were worried. And if you happen to have the mad Photoshop skillz, would you please be a lamb and create a new banner for me? You see, I work all week busting mad code as a codemonkey and I have no patience for it on the weekend! Strange but true.

It's late and yours very truly has an early appointment for a much-needed and well-frickin-deserved haircut tomorrow. Good night, my lovelies.

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Lisa said...

Wow... you've been a cooking fool these days. Looking forward to see the blog and the LesleyGirl make over!