Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ooh darlin' cause you'll always be my baby...

American Idol cougars fans, this is for you! But please, try not to look directly at all the sexy!

Whoa. That David Cook is some hot piece o' man meat!

In other news, I watched "Juno" last night, as I had mentioned. What a sweet movie. And that last song that they sing together, the one by the Moldy Peaches? Oh I think that made my heart melt just a little. Yay Juno and cute Juno's boyfriend! I downloaded the soundtrack today. Very good stuff. As much as I liked the movie, though, I kept picturing Ellen Page in her role in the movie "Hard Candy" which was quite different than her role in "Juno". Unless there's a scene in "Juno" that I don't remember in which she brutally castrates a pedophile. Because that's totally what she does in "Hard Candy." Yeah, don't mess with that Juno girl!

Someone needs to watch a little Office before bed, so someone is going to sign off now. Someone says good night!


Jenn from WA said...

Yummy! I think I'd actually buy his CD.

Stewie said...

2 kudos for the use of "cougars".