Saturday, April 26, 2008

saturday round-up

I did a lot today. I think it left me with very little mental energy for spinning it all into an interesting blog, but I'll try. Or I'll just make a list of what I did today and pretend it's interesting.

1. I cooked a fabulous breakfast. Fabulous breakfast was followed by reading the New York Times while drinking coffee. Just for the record, a solution of Borax and water gets coffee out of carpet and upholstery quite easily. Apparently some people need a sippy cup. And I am not some people.

2. I didn't do any cleaning during the past week because I was feeling sick from the sinus infection. So I did a lot of cleaning. I hate spending my Saturdays cleaning.

3. I set off my smoke alarm while cooking dinner. It has a high-pitched squeal and then a creepy voice that says "FIRE! FIRE!" No, no "fire fire" here. Just someone using her broiler without turning on the exhaust fan.

4. I am starting to suspect that Starbucks gave their employees tips on how to be friendly to the customers. Every time I've gone through the drive-through recently the barista has said something to me along the lines of "Do you like your Bug?" or "Cute car!" It's getting more than a little nauseating. I think I'd prefer to hear something honest, like "Don't spill this coffee on your shirt, like you did last time" or "Grande Mocha? Someone's got PMS!"

5. Rather than spend my tax refund on hookers and blow, instead I opted to buy some new clothes and new shoes. Which leaves enough for some IKEA love (yay!) and then I have to pay bills (boo!).

6. I've been faithfully watching the Sex & the City re-runs on TBS, thanks to my DVR. Right now it's the season where Carrie cheats on Aidan with Big and then later she sees Aidan and she's all "I want you back" and he agrees to take her back. Every time I watch that scene I yell things at the TV like "Aidan, no! You slip that pair of Bad Idea Jeans off, my friend!" And every time, he does NOT listen. Poor Aidan.

7. Along the same lines, during this same season it was Carrie's rather disastrous 35th birthday. Which reminded me of my own unhappy 35th birthday and made me quite sad. I told this to a friend earlier this week, and she said that I should just celebrate 35 all over again this year, and that it's her 35th later this year and perhaps we could celebrate together with a destination party. I think she may be on to something...

8. Now I'm watching a crappy movie on Bravo. Must Love Dogs. I think John Cusack had some Botox before this movie. He's lost that Lloyd Dobler dreaminess. Damn.

9. I'm done here. Lesleygirl out!


Mrs.X said...

And here I thought I was productive because I got up before 9am. Good for you!

I'm so glad that you decided to spend your refund on the things that matter - shoes and clothes.

I agree with your friend that you should re-celebrate your 35th. If it sucked the first time, make it better the next time.

And, Must Love Dogs was a travesty. John Cusack was such a disappointment.

Dino aka Katy said...

i love having breakfast on the weekends - having the time too. I watch Sex and the City religiously - cant wait for the movie. Her 35th birthday was my 30th one I ended up sitting on my couch alone crying and really wanting to move back to Europe

Freak Magnet said...

They're overly polite at Chik-fil-A, too. Every time I say, "Thank you," they ALWAYS say, "Our pleasure," and they actually sound like they mean it.

MoSup said...

Three questions:

1. Are you submitting that cleaning tip to a certain annoying cleaning website? Perhaps it can be called "pampering."

2. Can I come to the destination party?

3. Do Bad Idea Jeans come in my size?

Lesley said...

mrs.x - Thank you. And you're right -- Must Love Dogs is very much a travesty. I didn't find one redeeming thing about it!

katy - I am also looking forward to the movie! I saw them filming it in NYC, and it was so fun to see them together again!

freak - OMG, the Chik-Fil-A people are always way too happy! Why is that? Are they that nice to them? Or does having Sundays off make them that happy? I want to know!

mosup - 1. Which cleaning tip? The one about purchasing a sippy cup for one's boyfriend? You think they'd like that? Would they praise me for my FLYing?

2. Sure, you can! As soon as we figure out where it is. Get your passport ready.

3. Bad Idea Jeans unfortunately come in every size.

Jenn from WA said...

Don't you think the woman who plays the - well woman - in that Must Love Dos movies seems a bit too old for John Cusak?