Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wednesday not thursday

All day long I have thought that today is Thursday. It's not. I'm very disappointed. It's kind of like that episode of The Office when Jim convinces Dwight that it's Friday instead of Thursday. Except I played this trick on myself. And I don't have a camera to look at and make funny smiles.

If you can keep a secret, then I'll tell you that right now I'm watching Dr. Phil and drinking a glass of boxed merlot. Me = totally high class all the way.

It's too bad that I can't blog while driving because I had a lot of thoughts on my way home tonight and I don't remember all of them now. Although I'd like to send a few open letters to my fellow commuters. One to all the idiots trying to make a right exit from the left lane onto 95 South. A person doesn't neglect to get into the exit lane until the last possible moment and then road rage at one's fellow commuters for this sorry state of affairs. It simply isn't done. The left lane is for people, like me, who are going onto 295 South. It's our Own Private Idaho, away from the riff-raff who take 95.

The other open letter is just to one person, namely the cute pudge with the nerdy glasses who was driving behind me in the Rav4. When we were stopped for a few minutes there by the Quaker Bridge interchange, I totally saw you singing along with the radio, as you were quite obviously tuned to the same station as me. I enjoyed watching you rock out to "You & Your Hand" by Pink. Not just any man can get away with singing a Pink song, but you appear to know how to work it. It was a pleasure commuting with you, sir.

So this Dr. Phil episode I'm watching? It's all about the FLDS compound people. Which was obviously the most disturbing recent news item until it was surpassed by a certain other crime that happened in Austria which I can't even write about here because it's so gross. (Yeah, that one. GROSS!) But anyway, back to Dr. Phil and the Big Love people. Dr. Phil is totally going to fix the whole thing, to hear him talk about it. He feels that if the parents were sufficiently educated then they would give up their religion and everything would be cool. Ummmmm... okay. Yeah. Give that a try! Personally, I am really hoping that the FLDS women's hairstyles go mainstream. I love the look of the big ocean waves on top and the braid in the back. It's like the anti-mullet: party up front, but all business in the back! Please note that I do NOT have the same hope for their eyebrows, though. They're like two amorous caterpillars kissing, and I will pass on that action, thank you very much.

Lest I forget, important DVR alert: There will be a Sex & the City cast reunion on Oprah tomorrow (as in Thursday). I know some of you out there are anti-Oprites, but come on, it's Sex & the City!

In other very whiney news, I'm still mad about having to go to Cleveland. Although I found out that I could probably take a later flight on Saturday, and that's helping my mood. A 4:00PM flight suits me much better than an 11:45AM flight. Also, I found out that the hotel is attached to what looks like a rather upscale mall. So I'll have someplace to go to maybe see a movie, shop, or get an Aunt Annie's pretzel. I'm still pouty because I won't get to see a Certain Person this weekend but there's always weekdays, I suppose. Plus my comp days. Rowr!


Anonymous said...

That episode of The Office was on Tuesday night on TBS - so funny!! Don't be mad about Cleveland...I can still make a call to Chardon and drum up some company for you! No Idol long Brooke! Hate to see you go...NOT!

Lesley said...

"anonymous" - Aw, I missed seeing that one! I only caught the second one, which was the one with Jim's party, also quite humorous. That's ok, you don't have to call Chardon, but thanks for the offer! And I can't believe I forgot to comment on Brooke FINALLY leaving Idol. Boo hoo!!!!

Freak Magnet said...

What happened in Austria?

Esscuse me while I go read the paper.

Jenn from WA said...

Let's get on the JW gross thought train for a moment shall we? When I read your comment on the eye brows and catipillars, all I could think about is other locations that might need some "attention" to grooming? I'm just asking. Do you think the carpet matches the drapes?