Thursday, April 24, 2008

you're a part-time lover and full-time friend...

I heard this song this morning. Actually it came on when my alarm went off so I was still half-in-Dreamland listening to it. In Dreamland with the Scandalous Duvet, natch. Which is appropriate since it's such a dreamy song and all. I think it set the tone for the day.

Awwwww... sweet!!!

I was going to post a recipe tonight but then I realized I didn't feel like it. Although I am feeling better, thanks for asking. Still some residual tiredness, which I am blaming on the antibiotic. But other than that, I'm feelin' groovy.

Let it be known that today I finished a Thursday New York Times crossword for the first time maybe ever. You see, Monday's puzzle is relatively easy and they get harder and harder as the week goes on, culminating in Saturday's nearly impossible puzzle. The Sunday puzzle is like a big Wednesday puzzle with a theme -- if you can figure out the theme, you can solve the puzzle. If you're me, that is. I hadn't been doing the puzzle consistently, but now that I'm a subscriber to the Times again I'm back on them. This is clearly one of my nerdier interests, but I am enormously proud of myself. A Thursday puzzle! Go me!!!

Along the same lines, earlier in the week I was whining to one of my friends that I thought I was going to have to change my phone number, which would really suck because my phone number spells something very VERY funny. I hadn't decided one way or the other, and then on Wednesday, the answer to one of the clues was the funny phrase that is my phone number! I kid you not! It didn't have the plural S on the end, but still, it was my phone number. I took that as a sign that I should keep my number. Wouldn't you agree?


Freak Magnet said...

Now you have to tell us your phone number. For entertainment purposes, to let us in on the joke, not stalking purposes. I wouldn't stalk you.


And I'm curious as to why you'd need to change your number. Is some f***tard bothering you and not taking hints or hammers over the head? Lemme at him!! I'll kick his ass.

Jenn from WA said...

I agree with FM,now we need to know the phone number. I'm too far away to stalk you, plus my calendar is full for stalking at the moment.

I had a friend who wrote a script that would spell words out of phone numbers. To this day, I remember the number to a crush I had then: Alf Trims DJ

Dino aka Katy said...

glad you feeling better - as for the number Id hate to have to change mine so keep it