Sunday, September 21, 2008

don't feel like blogging. again.

Not feeling it tonight, people. It's not you, it's me. Oh wait, maybe it is you. Anyway. I'll just tell you what I did today so you can be jealous. Because you know I lead the Glamorous Life like Sheila E. here and all.

1. I read almost as much of the New York Times as I wanted to, and... I SOLVED THE PUZZLE! Solving the Sunday puzzle is always a noteworthy accomplishment.

2. I went to the gym and walked for an hour. This gave me enough time to listen to this week's This American Life. Which made me think about how much I want to write for that show.

3. Watched way too much Discovery Health Channel. Today was apparently their day to show all the very sad obesity stories. I watched and was sad for them. Then I had to stop watching, and instead took a short walk around my neighborhood, and then cleaned my kitchen while listening to the Scissor Sisters.

4. Watched the second half of the Giants/Bengals game, until... the damn station cut over to the Eagles/Steelers game! Right as the Giants and Bengals went into overtime! Stupid Philadelphia channels!!! Fortunately, I texted my oldest nephew and asked him to tell me when the Giants game was over and what the final score was. He sent me a very informative text for each play until the Giants game-winning field goal. Oldest nephew is going to be a kickass sportscaster someday.

5. I had dinner with the LesleyParents. My mom made this tasty shrimp, tomato, basil over fettucini that she makes. I passed on the fettucini, and ate the shrimp, tomato, and basil by themselves along with some feta cheese for extra protein. OMG SO GOOD. I will probably make this recipe again soon, and post some photos too, if you think you can handle the foodporn.

6. Went out for some post-dinner Starbucks, came home and caught some of the Emmys, and now it's time for my daily dose of blogging. Oh and also my daily dose of sleepies. Good night.

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Freak Magnet said...

ZOMG!! I watched Discovery Channel, too!! Although I must say seeing how that big woman (627 lbs?)not doing well with her re-routing and everything made me think, "You need to take some lessons from The Lesley. She's not going to have ANY of THOSE problems!" It made me even prouder of you.

And the 200 lb toomah?!?!?! WTF?!?!??! It's not like you wake up one day and BAM!! TOOMAH the size of a small city in your stomach. I don't see how people let that crap go so long.