Monday, September 01, 2008

it's been ONE WEEK

As of today, I am officially ONE WEEK post-surgery. And once again today, I am feeling quite good and have no real complaints. Ever since my surgery, water has been tasting really weird to me, which was a little disturbing because I need to drink 64 oz. of it every day, and pre-surgery I used to consume a metric buttload of water every day. But, apparently my tastes did change. Yesterday I discovered that I actually like the taste of Aquafina (better than my usual Brita water and the Poland Spring water too) so I went out and stocked up on it today. I know bottled water is bad, but hey, I need to be hydrated. And I always recycle.

I had been asked to talk about my experiences last Monday, which I'm happy to do, if for no other reason than that I'd like a record of it myself, but it occurs to me that it might be less than interesting. We shall see. Here's a timeline of last Monday, 25 August 2008:

3:45 AM -- I wake up so that I can take my thyroid meds with a tiny sip of water. After waking I marvel at the fact that I had actually slept the night before, and curse whatever sadist decided I needed to be up then. I start getting ready -- taking my special antibacterial shower, packing a few last things, and one final email check, natch.

5:00 AM -- My sister L arrives to take me to the hospital.

5:15 AM -- We leave to go over the river to Pennsylvania and the hospital.

5:45 AM -- We arrive, I check in, and am immediately brought to the back to do things like pee in a cup (so they could make sure I'm not knocked up), sign some forms, and hand over my Advanced Directive. After that, they send me back to the waiting room where I wait with my sister. My parents then arrive, each carrying a drink and pastry from Starbucks. After briefly considering wrestling away my mother's caramel macchiato and what I'm quite sure was the iced lemon loaf (remember, I hadn't eaten since Saturday), I tell them that they're not allowed to have that in the waiting room. We all wait together.

6:40 AM -- They tell me it's time. I kiss my family goodbye, my parents leave, my sister stays in the waiting room, and I am brought to the prep room. I put on a hospital gown and one of those snazzy bouffants for my hair. My surgeon comes to talk to me, gives me a big hug, and I sign more forms for her. Before she leaves she gives me a back massage. Then I'm told I need a nebulizer. While doing that, I sign more forms for the anesthesiologist. I have not signed this many forms since I bought my car. One of the nurses compliments my tan and I tell her that I had been to Mexico, and she tells me she's going to Punta Cana, and we discuss the different beverages one may order at a resort. Then I'm told they're going to give me a "special tequila shot" and wheel me back.

7:10-ish AM -- The special tequila shot is administered, and I'm wheeled back. And I realize that the shot has made me very, very stoned. I try to concentrate on not saying anything stupid, but I still hear myself say "Oooohhh! We're moving! Yay!" When we get to the OR, I scoot over to the table, and then scoot up to the end of it, and they compliment me on my scooting skills. This is the last thing I remember.

Unknown time -- I wake up in recovery. There's a clock on the wall but I can't focus on it. I know I asked them several times questions like "Is it over? Did she do it? Was it laproscopic? It's over, right?" I try to feel where my incisions are but apparently I'm wearing a binder and can't feel anything. I wake up some more and feel amazed at how little pain I feel. I feel kind of like someone took a stick blender and stuck it in my left abdomen, but really, it's more uncomfortable than painful.

10:00 AM -- I finally focus my brain enough to ask what time it is, and they tell me it's 10:00. I have no idea how much time has elapsed though. I'm feeling pretty awake, and they show me the button to press to get the morphine drip going. I press it. Around that same time, they bring in another patient who's just waking up. And she's not waking up well, like me. There's screaming, crying, and moaning, and just as I was about to say "Get me the hell out of here!" I'm told that I'm going upstairs to my room. Yay!

So that's what it was like. Really nothing too remarkable. After I got upstairs, I had to stay in bed for another two hours, my sister L was there, and my sister J came along with my two youngest nephews. I ate a lot of ice chips. And then I got up for the first of what would be many walks around the hallways. Some of it's hazy though. Morphine will do that to you.

And now I must be going. Family Guy is almost over and then I need to watch that new show with the Saved by the Bell kid.


White Bread said...

1. I cannot BELIEVE your parents did that to you. I would have KILLED them.

2. The last time I woke up from surgery, I was flailing my arms around yelling 'they' were trying to kill me.

3. That Saved By the Bell kid needs to cut that dorky looking hair. I can't take him srsly with it. Dude.

Lesley said...

white bread - 1. I think I was so focused on plotting how to wrestle the goods away that I couldn't even think of that option. But, there were big signs in the waiting room saying NO FOOD and rulez is rulez.

2. The waking up really sucks. That's the part that scared me the most beforehand, and I am so thankful that it was so easy. Last time I had general anesthesia I woke up and couldn't breathe (asthma + anesthesia = BAD)

3. OMG he needs to cut that hair! He looks like Unfrozen Cave Man Public Defender!

MeHereNow said...

WOW - it went really smoothly huh. Although I'm sure I told you it would! See a promise is a promise!

Anonymous said...

You know it might not be the water you like but rather the taste of the plastic bottle.

I am a fan of the way the Dasani bottles taste, even if you wash them and refill them they taste better than the others.

So check to make sure that you like the taste of that plastic more than the others. Might be able to save some doe there.

Lesley said...

meherenow - Yes you did and you were right! I should have listened to you and not been so worried beforehand!

anon - I don't think it's the plastic that I like, I think it's the distilled water lack of taste that I like. So I'd probably like Dasani too but I bought Aquafina because I *know* I like it. I think even after going through the Brita, there's still some mineral taste or even chlorine taste in the water, and I can't stand it right now. It tastes like bleach & oyster stew only worse. I can't even tolerate it in my CPAP humidifier.