Saturday, September 06, 2008

meme me me

I was sorta tagged for this meme by MeHereNow, so I thought hey, why not? Here goes!

Two names I go by: Lesley and Aunt Lesley
Two things you are wearing right now: black capris and periwinkle shirt
Two things you would want in a relationship: love and honesty
Two of you favorite things to do: talk and knit, sometimes both at once
Two things you want badly now: real coffee and Chinese food
Two pets you have had: Midnight the Cat, and Muffin the Dog
Two people you hope will fill this out: YOU. And also YOU!
Two things I did last night: Watched the Daily Show. Talked to the man.
Two things you ate today: Well I can't really eat right now, so instead I will tell you that today I drank pureed vegetable beef pot roast soup (surprisingly tasty), and also a smoothie made from Greek yogurt, Lactaid, and raspberries.
Two things you are doing tomorrow: Going to Woolbearers and Borders. And then I'll probably spend an hour or so crying about having to go back to work.
Two longest bike/car rides: Biggest car ride by far was the big drive I used to do from New Jersey to Minnesota. Second place is New Jersey to Isle of Palms, South Carolina.
Two favorite holidays: Okay, important disclaimer: holidays mean different things depending on which side of the Atlantic you're on. So I'll answer both.
Holiday-holidays: Halloween and Lesleymas.
Vacation-holidays: Mexico and the mini-breaks I take with my BFF girlfriends!
Two favorite beverages: COFFEE! and my current favorite beverage: 4 oz of grape juice + 12 oz. of water (Did I mention I can't eat or drink much right now?)
Two people no longer alive you would like to talk to: My Granny, and then I really don't know who else. I guess I don't know very many dead people. Or at least ones that I'd want to talk to.

Good night people.


MeHereNow said...

YAY! You did my Meme!! Thanks! I thought I'd give you something to think about to get your mind off the "W" word. (By the way I think half days are the way to go!)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at your answers to the third one. I thought you'd want things like someone who won't bother you when you're sleeping. And me.