Wednesday, September 10, 2008

midweek musings

Yes, I still hate the word musings when it's used in blogs. But I needed an M word. And I'm tired.

I'm happy to say that my first week back to work is now officially more than half over. Oh thank God! I was not expecting to be this tired. Today I lasted until 2:30, came home and napped, then did some work from home. I was just going to stay half the day, but I needed to write my monthly reports, and trying to run SQL queries over the remote connection is too painfully slow. That's all nerd-speak for "It took me a lot less time to stay at work to run my reports."

Apparently the nap I took did me some good, because when I woke up I managed to run the dishwasher and also do a load of... wait for it... LAUNDRY!

I'm sure what's not helping my tiredness is the current rather exhausting electoral process. I can't think about it too much, because it makes me a little crazy. However, I will say that I am appalled that while the economy is in the toilet, we are stuck in an unpopular (and unjustified) war, two major financial institutions failed just this week, fuel prices are still overinflated, and oh yeah, Bin Laden is still at large, we are instead fixated on pigs and lipstick. Donnez-moi un break! The Certain Party responsible for this non-issue should be quite ashamed of themselves. As well as ashamed of themselves for all the other real issues which they actually are responsible for.

That's all.


MoSup said...

I am, as usual, ignoring your Republican bashing in order to make a comment. I just want to say that I couldn't help but read your French in your pigs and lipstick reference in the voice of ... MISS PIGGY! A pig in lipstick!

Lesley said...

I wasn't bashing anyone. I was just pointing out some facts. I didn't even name names.

And Miss Piggy? She's some sexy bacon right there!

Anonymous said...

I don't think of it as bashing. I think of it as truth telling--an important distinction! :-)

I think I'll do some laundry too! Laundry sounds so exciting! Laundry is my favorite thing! Maybe I'll even...wait for it...FOLD!!!