Thursday, September 04, 2008

tiny blog

Okay, so remember earlier in the week when I said I had an infection not at all related to my surgery but I thought everything would be all coolio because I got a script called in? Yeah, not so much. The meds apparently didn't work and I ended up pretty sick from it today. The infection is in my kidneys and I had a fever. NOT FUN.

Just as I realized that I was feverish and was contemplating which doctor to call, my surgeon called me completely out of the blue. She gave me Levaquin, which I am familiar with from my many sinus infections. Levaquin is like Cipro's mean older cousin. It kills everything. I already have taken my first dose, and the Grape Tylenol Jr Meltaway has taken care of the fever. So worry not.

In other news, it is killing me that I have to go back to work on Monday. I don't think I'm ready but the piss-poor short-term disability policies of my dot-org leave me little other choice. In unrelated news, I am currently composing a strongly-worded email to the president of the dot-org. Not that it'll change anything for me, but damn it, I have to say something.


Snooze said...

Do you have any vacation time left? Maybe you can extend your leave that way. I hope that infection is fully wiped out soon.

Stewie said...

Do you want me to post some ass cleavage shots? Will that help?

Hey, if you want a laugh, follow


Lesley said...

snooze - That is one option, but one I'm trying to avoid. Thanks for the well wishes.

stewie - Yes. Ass cleavage shots are the ONLY THING that will make me feel better. Now start posting them!