Wednesday, December 03, 2008

blogging is the new yoga

Or perhaps the new yogurt. Tough call.

Those of you who have kittehs of your own did not warn me that the little baby kittehs get a "witching hour" late at night. Clementine's witching hour appears to be 11:00pm and wow, she gets pretty crazy. It's quite amusing to watch, actually. I think I may start taking an hour every day where I do things like run around the house with a fake mouse and jump and pounce.

I am still working out the logistics on this, so I can't say anything official now, but I had an appointment earlier today, and there is a very good chance that I will not need glasses very soon. As I said, the logistics are still being figured out. I've had the damn glasses for 20 years, and I've needed them for all-the-time wear for about 10 of those years. I think when that happy day comes I'll have to bury them in the yard while reciting the 23rd psalm or something. Also, I will need some non-script lenses for my cute sunglasses.

Earlier tonight I had dinner and chitchat time with my Mean Girls. The Mean Girls are the girl gang I hooked up with through my surgery support group. They managed to surprise me with a (sugar-free) birthday cake, card and gift! Yay, Mean Girls!!! After the sucky birthday I had last year, I'd say this one is off to a good start already! ZOMG Lesleymas happiness all around!!!

I was feeling melancholy earlier. Now I'm not. But I'm still kinda meh. I am beginning to think that perhaps my baseline includes a small dose of meh. Perhaps that is my Lesleymas Eve pearl o' wisdom. Or a sign that I need to go to bed and stop the overthinking.

In either case, good night.


Shelley said...

Let me take a moment to wish you HAPPY LESLEYMAS! Have the best day ever. Run around the house like your kitteh! (I have 2, they're both huge and their witching hour is about 3AM, so it sounds like we're bowling up here. Be glad you don't live in the apartment below me!) Srsly, have a great day!

Jenn from WA said...

Oh yah, the kitteh witching hour...I had forgotten all about that. Sorry. My cat is old and hiw witching hour consists of moving from the couch to the bed for another nap.

Freak Magnet said...

Damn! You're going to look all KINDS of sexy!! Not that you don't now. Now you look fabulous!

You know what you need for the cat? A laser pointer. I don't know why, but they go NUTS over those.

Lesley said...

shelley - Thank you!!! This is shaping up to be the best Lesleymas EVER, and it's not even here yet! I've been hearing the kitteh up during the night playing with her toys, but it's not loud enough to really wake me up as I am quite the sound sleeper!

jenn from wa - Yeah, the last time I had a kitten, I was four and was probably asleep during the witching hour. Plus she went outside, and I'm guessing she was probably out playing with the neighborhood cats then. It really is very entertaining to watch!

freak - Why thank you, hon! You are too kind. I haven't gotten the laser pointer yet. I'm afraid of hurting her eyes. Plus when I was little I remember my mom telling me not to tease the cat, so I guess it seems mean to have a toy that she can't catch.