Monday, December 08, 2008

i feel fine, hey, i feel good, i'm feeling like i never should...

That is one of my less obscure subject lines. If you know it though, my offer of a beer and a punch in the arm still stands. The marriage proposal is reserved for the truly obscure lyrics that run around in my head, although interesting offers would be considered.

I have noticed that my daily dose of spam has now taken on a holiday theme. So now the subject lines scream "CHEAPEST CI@LIS FOR XMAS" and "MAKE YOUR GIRL SCREAM FOR HOLIDAYS." Uh, yes, that is totally what we want. I love to scream for holidays. Oh YES! Columbus Day! Flag Day! Groundhog Day! Do it to me, Independence Day!!!

Ahem. Now where was I? Oh yeah. I've been a bad, bad girl, in the words of Fiona Apple. I was supposed to take care of Unpleasant Task of the Week # 1 today, and well, I avoided it. I had my reasons. And really, what I need is a good defense, 'cause I'm feeling like a criminal...

Those of you who are my Facebook friends already know this, or at least you should, but I finally did progress photos. If we are not Facebook friends and you'd like to see them, send me an email and I'll send you a super-secret linky. My email is in my profile, and if you ask me nicely and tell me who you are so I don't think you're a total lunatic stalker, AND you promise to say I look fabulous, I will send it to you. I'm just not comfortable posting the photos themselves here yet. Maybe when I'm famous I will.

I feel like I need a list. Here's a list of a few things I did today:

1. Went on a lunchtime trip to Petco to buy a bag of food for Clementine the Wonder Kitteh. While there, I of course had to go over and look at the cats that are up for adoption. And then I felt all heartbroken and sad to see them in there. I don't have plans to get another cat now, as I don't think I should be outnumbered by them, but I can totally understand how the Crazy Cat Ladies start collecting them.

2. Bought my lunch at Whole Foods. While there I lamented their lack of sugar-free cough drops. Apparently the Whole Foods hates on the artificial sweetners, unless it's that stevia crap. And I don't like the stevia crap.

3. I arranaged my birthday cards on my coffee table so I could look at them and be happy. While I was out tonight, Clementine did some rearranging. I think she was jealous because several of the cards had cats on them and she doesn't want them crunching on her turf.

4. I bought some fresh ginger so I could make some kick-ass soup to kill the cold I have. I haven't bothered checking if ginger is recognized as a cold remedy, but it feels like it works, so that means it works, right?

5. I learned, yet again, that I shouldn't have caffeine after 8:00 pm. The problem is, I really really like it. Even after 8:00 pm. And I love love LOVE my night owl bouts of creativity, which are fueled by the caffeine, natch...

This is one of my weaker efforts. Even I can admit that. Good night, people.

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Freak Magnet said...

When my cats die, I am not going anywhere NEAR another cat - ESPECIALLY if it's in a cage. It's so hard to see a fuzzy little face that needs a home.