Thursday, December 25, 2008

ohhh tidings of comfort & joy, comfort & joy!

Merry Christmas from me & Clementine the Wonder Kitteh!!!

This is the sight I woke up to Tuesday morning. Somehow Clementine had managed to move my purse from where I had left it on a dining room chair, and she had also been doing something with that string of beads from the tree. Helping me decorate, I believe. All that decorating left her all tuckered out and she fell asleep in the midst of it all. Christmas can be so exhausting, you know, even when you're a mischievous 5 month old kitten.

I hope Santa was good to you. He sure was to me. And despite any residual crabbiness from the week, I am FILLED with holiday spirit, and I hope you are too!!!

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Snooze said...

That's adorable. Merry Christmas!