Sunday, December 14, 2008

sunday always comes too late...

Listy listy list. I'm too tired for anything else.

Things you would have done today if you were me, which you're not, but if you were:

1. I wore a rose-colored shirt in honor of Gaudete Sunday.

2. Had a very lovely brunch.

3. Went shopping for new pants. Did a dance of joy in the try-on room when I realized what size I am now.

4. Set up LesleyMom's new computer.

5. Did some knitting while watching movies.

That may sound boring to some of you, I'm sure. But the details that I do not include make it all the more interesting, I can assure you. The Lesley ain't just sippin' tea.

I have a wee case of Sunday-evening-itis tonight. I feel almost positive that if I avoid going to bed tonight then I can avoid the week starting tomorrow. It is going to be a stressful one, God help me. The good news is that if I can get through this week, then next week will be a coast until Christmas, and then I am off from work until January 5th. Woo hoo!!!

Also, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Please tell me that I am not the only one who hasn't started. Please?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lesley,
You are not alone. I have not started shopping yet, either. Ever since I have had son#3, whose birthday is the 12th, I seem incapable of getting my act together before his birthday.
Love, Bifferina

Jenn said...

You're not alone in the non-gift-having-ness. This year my wallet and my various illnesses have left me majorly lacking in the Christmas spirit. Bah.

Anonymous said...

I have almost no shopping done. In fact, I have no idea what I am getting anyone yet. And I was going to do it this morning, but it is apparently 35 below. Yikes. So we should totally get together for a little X-Mas shopping extravaganza!

Lesley said...

bifferina - I have similar issues with no-Christmas-before-birthday, except mine was a whole week ago and I still don't have my act together! I forgot that A is also a sagittarius third child, like me! We are quite an interesting lot, as I'm sure you well know...

Jenn - I just got paid today so I can no longer blame the wallet. Now I will have to find other things to blame, like my hatred of capitalism or something.

"anonymous" - oh honey, I would LOVE to go shopping with you! Of course, we'd have to start out with a trip to Starbucks, and maybe some lunch and then a pedicure, but we would totally shop for other people after that!