Tuesday, December 09, 2008

tell it to me tuesday

Tell me what? Oh who knows. I'm almost too tired to write. Maybe I could have a little orange kitten walk across the keyboard instead. She's into that, you know. Although right now appears to be her witching hour and she is too busy playing with the cardboard-on-piano-wire thing to try to cozy up to my laptop. Crazy.

I wanted to give a special shoutout to those of you who emailed me for the super-secret linky to my progress photos. I emailed each of you back so if you did not receive said email, check your spam folder. Or email me again. Or leave a comment. Or something.

It's been kinda cold-ish here lately, except today it got warm-ish again and very very windy, and now tomorrow it will supposedly be very warm, and then Thursday, ZOMG SNOW! If one more person comments on this phenomenon to me, and specifies that this weather will cause everyone to fall ill, I am going to scream. Last time I checked, germs cause sickness, not weather. Also, I despise smalltalk, especially if it is about the weather. I can think of many other much more interesting things to talk about at any given time. The weather is pretty much LAST on my list. I am just saying.

As I previously mentioned, I am tired. I don't think it's a B-12 or iron deficiency this time. I think it's more of a People Calories deficiency. Recent events have left me feeling completely void of People Calories, and I do believe it's taking a toll on me. Not fun, people.

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MeHereNow said...

See us British love talking about the weather although not much variety!

Its chuffing cold here too BTW!