Saturday, June 20, 2009

do you want to know a secret?

I have been thinking about this for a while, so I'm just going to put it out here. Do. Not. Laugh.

See, ever since I first heard about the Iron Man triathlon many years ago, I've thought, "that would be really cool" and "I wish I could do something like that." And over the years, as my weight crept up and up, and my health suffered, my doing a triathlon seemed about as likely as my walking on the moon.

But in recent months, as I became more and more of a gym rat, I would notice the triathlon training schedules up at my gym and think "well, maybe." But it was only a half-maybe. A maybe only a shade more likely than my walking on the moon.

Until now.

Now I am reading a book called "Shape Up With The Slow, Fat Triathlete and as I'm reading it all I can think is "Well, why not?!!" The author, Jayne Williams, has inspired the hell out of me. She calls herself the "slow, fat triathlete" and her book just blew me away. She tells countless stories of people who were as far from being an athlete as I was, who went on to participate in triathlons and other events. The key word there is participate rather than compete. I don't know if I could ever train to win an event of any sort, but participate? That I could maybe do. I could maybe train, and then maybe show up, and maybe then do my Lesley bestest to see it through. (Incidentally, I cannot recommend this book enough! If you need some workout motivation and inspiration, pick it up.)

So what have I decided? I've decided that I'm in. 2010 will be The Year of The Triathlon. Hey, I told you DO NOT LAUGH! It's a women's triathlon, but it's a triathlon nonetheless. And I am doing it. Why? Because now I CAN CAN CAN!!!

I thank you in advance for not laughing at this idea. And I also thank you in advance for your support, especially those of you who'll be there to cheer me on, bring me my protein or water, and tell me to get my ass in gear. Also, if any of you want in (and you know you do), let me know.

Now I've put this out there. I feel better. Thanks for listening.


Bellerina said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! 2010 is gonna rock, maybe even more than 2009. But it's going to have to rock a lot, because your 2009 has been tremendous so far. Go Lesley, go!!!

Jenn said...

So not laughing. You're awesome. Good luck!

knittinpreacher said...

You rock. Maybe you need team "gril gang" t-shiorts youe supporters can wear when you cross the finish line.

Mini Me said...

You go girl!!! Before I had surgery, I said that my goal was to run an adventure race (similar to triathlon, but it's mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, etc and you have to know how to navigate since the course is not set - some can be as long as 500 miles!) 200 pounds later, I have run 5 races, one 12 hour one that was 90 miles. I have never had so much fun in my life and have met some amazing people. You just go for it, you will not regret it!

Anonymous said...

You AMAZE me! Every day you amaze me with your CAN CAN CAN attitude! I AM IN AWE! XOXO

Mrs.X said...

Run, LesleyGirl, Run! I think this is a fabulous idea and you will have an amazing experience.

over40racer said...

That is awesome! Way to grab life by the reins!

Lesley said...

@Bellerina - Thanks, love.

@Jenn - Thank you! Also thanks for the not laughing!

@knittinpreacher - That is a fabulous idea! I'm sure LesleyMom will be all over that! Thanks!

@Mini Me - wow, you are my hero!!! People have told me that it's too lofty of a goal, but now I know it is possible. THANK YOU!

@anonymous - Thank you! You are so sweet!

@Mrs. X - Thank you! I hope so too!

@over40racer - Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lesley,
I know you can, and will, do it. I support you 100%

Mini Me said...

I'll be excited to check back on your progress! I can't even tell you how it felt to finish the 12 hour one - I was one of the last ones to finish but everyone at the finish line knew my story and what it took to get there and they just went crazy cheering for me. I will never forget it. You might want to check out another gals blog, She had surgery and does tri's all the time, posts a lot on her training as well.

Jenn from WA said...

I would never laugh because if you start training to be a triathlete you can most likely kick my arse...

You go Girl! I'd love to see you succeed at it...and I know you will.

Beverly said...

OMG, you are amazing! I am so not laughing, I am inspired. Thank you for posting this and good luck to you!

LicCARPILAGO said...

yes you can do it girl!!!
go for it...

2010 beware...!!!

I`ll be back often to read your progress