Tuesday, June 30, 2009

end of quarter crazy

The quarter is OVER! I am relieved beyond words, but the stress of the last week has left my brain kinda fried. Last night I was tired, but I had one of those nights where I just couldn't shut my brain of and go to sleep, and of course I had missed my window where I could take an @mbien and still hope to wake up at a reasonable time. Ugh. Not good.

Today, once I left work, has been pretty great. I went to another step class and kicked ass at it, if I may say so myself. Well, you see, my gym has the best step instructor EVER. I had taken a few of his classes about ten years ago at another gym, and finally worked up the nerve to start attending again. At first, I'll admit, I wasn't able to use the step for the whole class. I kept up, which made me happy, but sometimes I had to stand back and not actually use the step. Tonight, for the first time, guess who got her ass on the step for every single move? ME! Being a gym rat is paying off!

Of course, we were in the studio with mirrors on all four walls, so I am now acutely aware of my need for new workout gear. The stretchy pants have been purchased, now I just need some tops. Apparently, you cannot lose as much as I have and still wear the same gear. Just a PSA for yas there, in case you were wondering.

In about one hour from now, I will officially have achieved my goal of NOT turning on the air conditioning until July 1. Now I'm trying to see how much longer I can last. Fourth of July? Bastille Day? I may leave it off all summer! You see, most months my electric bill is a respectable $28. Add some AC to that and it can be close to $100, which will mean that much less money for me to spend on cute new clothes or a fabulous vacation, right? I am definitely not feeling the heat like I used to. I went out at lunchtime and was shocked that it was actually 87. I guess that losing the equivalent of my 15 year old nephew (plus a little more) has reset my inner thermostat. I'm sure it'll re-adjust but for now I'm enjoying the coolness. Also, I am seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow, and if she decides she needs to up my dose of thyroid meds, it could mean bye-bye to the coolness. We shall see.

I have decided that I need to make myself more girly. All the skirts/dresses I've been wearing (and I wear them because they are cheaper to buy than pants) are a start, but what else? This is uncharted territory for me.

Time for some sleep in my freezing, yet un-air-conditioned, home. Good night!


Mr. J said...


You mean like bunny outfits and cat ears. ;)

Next winter you will probably be freezing.

Lesley said...

@Mr. J - Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Rawr!

And of course I'll be freezing! I'll be wearing a bunny outfit!

MoSup said...