Saturday, June 13, 2009

first new york broadcast!

The subject comes from an old family joke. You see, whenever LesleyDad would watch a movie on TV that he had seen many many times (usually a John Wayne movie, or something similar) he would explain to LesleyMom that it was the "First New York broadcast!" and thus he had to watch it. Right now "Sleepless in Seattle" is on the Oxygen channel, and of course, I am watching it. And if anyone were to ask me about it, I would explain that it was the first New York broadcast. Of course, there's no one here to ask about it except for Clementine, and she doesn't have much to say about what's on TV unless it involves felines. One of the advantages of living alone is sole ownership of the remote, after all.

This is random. I had pretty much given up weekend blogging, but hey, I figured why not.

I heard "Livin On a Prayer" twice today. After all these years, it still bothers me that Jon Bon Jovi tried to rhyme the words "hock" and "talk" in that song. When you are from New Jersey, those words do not rhyme. Actually, they shouldn't rhyme no matter where you're from, but some of you talk pretty funny. The other song of his that bothers me is "Have a Nice Day." Because of that song, the rest of the world now knows what we really mean when we say "Have a nice day!" Now we need new code to insult people!

I went out to run an errand earlier tonight and I was dismayed to see the battery light flashing in my car. I checked the handy dandy manual and it said that it's probably the alternator. So now I just need to figure out the logistics of getting it repaired on Monday. I'm thinking this shouldn't be too bad, though, and I really can't complain about anything when it comes to this car. It's going to be six years old next week, and all it's ever needed are oil changes, new tires, and a new battery. Oh and diesel. Lots and lots of diesel.

And now, you must excuse me so I can get back to the first New York broadcast of "Sleepless in Seattle." Good night.


Not as bad a Freak Magnet as Norman said...

Bostonians would disagree with you on the whole hock/talk issue.

I'm just saying...

Lesley said...

Please! Like I would give the time of day to a Bostonian!

Go NY, Go NY, GO!!!