Wednesday, June 03, 2009

no comment

Yeah, no comment. Trust me, it's better you not know. So how about a list instead?

1. I wore a skirt today that I had bought a year or two ago. It didn't fit then, and now I have to wear it before it gets too big. Which it may already be. Tough call.

2. I am really digging Conan on the Tonight Show. I wish he had stayed in New York, because I think his brand of humor is more east coast than west coast, but it seems to be working so far.

3. When I'm nervous, I can't eat. That happened to me today, but thankfully I was able to tolerate some Greek yogurt with strawberries. Seymour the Pouch doesn't like the nervous! But he does enjoy the Greek yogurt. Weird.

4. The Wii Fit? Cooler than the other side of the pillow! I love this thing. And I love how encouraging they are. And, you'll be interested to know that my Wii Fit age is six years younger than I actually am, which I think is kind of amazing, given my current state of fat assness. The age is partially based on your scores on the balance test. Mad balance skillz, I has 'em.

5. There's another thing but it's best I not tell you right now. Again with the "no comment."

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Ya know you don't have to *tease* me to keep me reading......I'm a mad fan as it is! xoxo

MoSup said...

Completely agree with #2!