Sunday, June 28, 2009

please don't go, weekend!

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, I have to say. Nothing spectacular, but I got some much-needed rest and some time spent home alone hanging with an orange kitteh can be very good for the soul.

Here are some highlights:

1. Coffee on Friday. It went well. I still got it.

2. Did some good, hard workouts and suddenly I am acutely aware of my leg muscles. Why hello there, Calves, I'm Lesley. Get used to this. Same goes for you, Quadriceps.

3. Got to sing two different hymns this morning containing the word "vouchsafe." Ye Olde Englishe makes me happy in such a nerdy way. I also enjoy the use of "very" as an adjective rather than an adverb, as in "very God of very God" in the creed. See, I told you I'm a nerd. Also, I woke up at 9:35 this morning. Church began at 9:45, and I made it there about 3 minutes into the Mass. Not too shabby.

4. I went to Petco today, unsupervised. Big mistake. If I could have, I would have left there with a very sweet little black kitteh but they were all "Oh we need references and we have to call your rental company and we need $100." $100 for a cat? And references? She was a sweetie though, around the same age as Clementine, and she reminded me so much of Midnight, the cat I had growing up. Not that I'm becoming a Crazy Cat Lady or anything, but it seems to me it would be nice for Clementine to have a playmate. But for now, she'll stay solo. Any of you cat people have opinions? Is it better to have one or two? Would it be better to have two females, or one female + one male?

5. I had dinner with the fam tonight. We went out to an Italian restaurant that I used to love, and let me tell you that Italian restaurants are still really hard for me. I can handle going out for pizza or tomato pie, because I have a pretty strict limit for myself there -- very very thin crust, two slices, and usually I can't manage most of the crust on the second slice anyway. But when it's actual entrees it's a lot harder for me. The pasta dishes are all out, obviously. Some of the chicken and veal looked good but when you order an entree you get salad and a rather large side of pasta, and well, I didn't want to go there. So I settled for some pasta e fagoli (that's bean & pasta soup, for you non-Italians) and caprese salad (Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil, drizzled with balsamic and olive oil). I finished the soup and brought home half the salad. I am not complaining, though. My good health is much more important to me than any meal at any restaurant, and besides, I'm pretty sure I've consumed enough pasta and garlic bread for one lifetime. But still, it's hard sometimes. I think I'd rather just eat at home where there's nothing but good WLS-friendly choices. Well, there's cat food, too, but I'm not eating that. Although it would probably be a good, protein-rich choice. Still. No thanks.

6. I sorted more clothes this weekend, which led to more lamenting of the "I have nothing to wear!" nature. Ugh. And I'm hesitant to do any more shopping right now until my plans for a certain other thing are confirmed. And yes, that is exactly as specific as I can be about it. For now.

7. I had a fabulous moment when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror during a Body Pump class. I was lying on a mat, balanced on top of the step, doing this purgatorial abdominal exercise (which I am still amazed I can actually do), when I glanced over at the mirror and thought "Holy shit, I look sort of like an athlete right now!" Also, I was relieved that my face didn't quite match the red of my red t-shirt.

8. I spent a LOT of time watching the Michael Jackson tribute on the VH1 Classic channel. Actually, I didn't know about it until LesleyMom called and told me. I answered the phone and before I'd even said the second syllable of "hello" she broke in with "Put on 218. Billie Jean is on!" We talked about how fun that video is, and then I said that when I was 10, I really had no idea what that song was about, I just knew it was fun to dance to and thought the video was cool. LesleyMom said "well I hope you didn't know what it was about!" This from the woman who bought me that album at that tender age? Crazy. Just crazy.

That's enough weekend. I need to rest up and get ready for the four! day! work! week!!! Good night, my schmoopies!


Anonymous said...

You? A *crazy cat lady*? I would NEVER think you were a *crazy cat lady*....... :) xoxo

Mr. J said...

My theory on whether cats need to a cat friend now depends on whether said cat grew up with other cats. A kitten that grew up as an only kitty can probably handle growing up and being a single cat. On the other hand these only kitties probably need more human interaction.

Also I am glad you didn't go with the veal.

Lesley said...

@anonymous - Well, fortunately, I have a certain figurine to remind me of what NOT to do! ;-)

@Mr. J - She was in foster kitteh care until she was 4 months old and came to live with me. I think there were 8 cats in that house. I just get concerned because I can be gone for hours upon hours and I don't want her to get lonely and sad. I guess I still have some guilt over the fact that she can't go outside because I've never had an indoor cat before. I know it's better for her to stay in, but she just seems so isolated.

And what's wrong with veal? Ugh, are you going sanctimonious vegetabletarian now???

MoSup said...

My parents have always had cats, and cats do much better in multiples than solo. For you, "multiples" means TWO cats. No single lady should have more than that!

Growing up, we also had dogs, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets, a goose, sparrow hawk, flying squirrel, chameleons, fish, hermit crabs, and mice. So, if you're ever looking to start a farm or zoo, chances are I can give you some advice.

Not as bad a Freak Magnet as Norman said...

If you're thinking about another cat, do it now. I waited until Calley was a couple of years old and had a hard time getting her to accept other cats. She would hiss and attack and I'd have to take them back. The vet told me to get a small kitten and hope Calley's mothering instincts would take hold. Sebastian was tiny when I got him, and while she didn't mother him, she tolerated him and his antics. I enjoyed having two cats.

Mr. J said...

You don't have to be a veggie to be disturbed and offended at the idea of eating young mammals, the oldest of which are not more than 35 weeks, the youngest of which are only a few days old when slaugtered.

Besides, is there any other reason to be a veggatarian other than to feel superior to everyone else?

Lesley said...

@MoSup - don't worry, my dear. TWO is the absolute limit!!!

@Freak - I was thinking that, too -- better to do it now while she's still a kitten. Do you think the boy-girl pairing works better? Or would girl-girl be ok?

@Mr. J - But the veal is delicious and agrees with my pouch very well! And this way they're dead before they can develop the Mad Cow or E.Coli!

Mr. J said...

Oh, well when you put it that way its completely different.

I guess I really should be more worried about mad rice, angsty mixed vegetables or frustrated fish disease.


If you had told me they were going to vote republican when they grew up, then you would have sold me on the idea.

Bellerina said...

I love having two. Don't think the gender matters, at all. It's very interesting, for as well as G & W get along, they don't have the same favorites or territory at all.

But, just like bringing Clementine home was an adjustment, bringing another one home and watching them learn to coexist is kind of stressful, too.

Lesley said...

@Mr. J - Cows are all commies, so no voting republican. Everyone knows that.

@Belle - I'm thinking I will do it later in the summer, once I know what's going on with my plans for the next few months. That'll give me time to think of a name. And that's a good point about the adjustment -- when I first got Clementine, I spent two days thinking she hated me and this was a huge mistake, because she spent most of her time hiding. Now she's all "I lurve you, human!!!"

Snooze said...

Two cats is a good idea if you're out a lot. Even if they don't like each other (as with mine), they still kind of stick together. Get a male. Two females are very territorial.