Sunday, June 21, 2009

the resolution of all the fruitless searches...

It is late, and I'm tired but yet I don't want to go to sleep just yet because I am actually hoping that if I stay up late enough, I will totally prevent Monday from coming! Stay away, Monday! The weekend and I are happy together!!!

Yesterday I went to see a roller derby bout. That's a self-portrait photo of me, on the beach in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It had just stopped storming when I took this photo, so the water was still pretty rough and the sand was too wet to walk on. I am standing right next to the Paramount theatre where the Jersey Shore Roller Girls were having their bout. I was cheering for the Right Coast Rollers who defeated the Anchor Assassins. Good job, ladies! There was a bagpipe band right near me on the boardwalk when I took this photo. They were there to see the bout, too. True story. Yeah, only in New Jersey.

Today I went to the Father's Day / niece's birthday gathering with the family. My niece had requested mud pie for her birthday, and I used to love me some mud pie. I am proud to report that I made my own, with the help of a sugar-free Oreo and a sugar-free double chocolate pudding cup. And I was satisfied, both with my dessert, and with my having the willpower to refrain from the actual mud pie. In the future I may attempt to make one using sugar-free coffee ice cream and fudge. We shall see.

Before the family gathering, I hit the mall to get some gifts for my dad and my niece. My dad's gift was easy -- Borders gift card for the win! My niece's gift involved going to Hollister. I feel sofa king old anytime I go in that store. I mean, their music? Does it have to be THAT loud? So loud that I have to screech at the clerk "I WANT A GIFT CARD!" (my choice in gift card was either the half-nakey man or the couple making out. I chose the half-nakey man. She's 13 now. She'll appreciate it.) and then later screech "CREDIT! NOT DEBIT!" Ugh. LesleyMom called me while I was in there. I picked up the phone, and since I couldn't hear her, I just yelled "I'm in Hollister, Ma! I'll call you when I get out!" She understood. LesleyMom is also familiar with the ways of the Hollister.

I hate places that make me feel old. I may need to destroy Hollister, just so I can somehow feel younger again.

On my way out of the mall, I took a quick look around Torrid. I had never been in there before but I've heard that they sell hip and cute clothes for the big girls. Meh. I wasn't too impressed. I had no idea that tube tops are back in style but apparetly they are. And I had no idea anyone was selling them to the big girls, but apparently Torrid is! And people, I will pass on that action, thank you very much. For one thing, I'm guessing that tube top + DD cup = Accident Waiting To Happen. And for another, I do not currently have the right to bare arms. But hey, at least I am aware that I do not have that right, and dress accordingly. It's a public service, really. More people should follow my lead.

As you may recall, last summer I went on a fabulous vacation to an all-inclusive in Mexico with the family. We're talking about going again, either back to Mexico or to the Dominican Republic, to another all-inclusive. Today my 11-year-old nephew B asked me "What if we get to Mexico or the Dominican, and they don't have any food you can eat?" Awww... what a sweet boy he is, to be concerned for me like that! I explained that as long as they have grilled meat and fish, vegetables and fruit, I'll be fine, and that I'll bring along some of my protein powder so I can make sure I'm getting enough protein. That made my heart melt, though. I really do feel fortunate to have such a supportive family, including all the youngest members of the family!


Bellerina said...

Do you think Lesleyparents would consider adopting me before the all-inclusive? :P

Lesley said...

They might! They seem to like doing that... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think that is great your nephew thought of you and eating away.

As for Torrid they have always been hit or miss for me but you can find some cute things now and again.

knittinpreacher said...

I tried stuff on in Torid and was not at all impressed with it. It was all itchy and chemically smelling.

Love the pic!

I'm next in line for adoption.

Jenn said...

Torrid is for teenage girls, from what I've seen. There's none around here, but I've looked at their stuff online and have not been impressed. Have you tried Avenue? There's one not far from me. I've shopped there a couple times and have been pretty happy. It's not as pricey as LB, nicer clothes than Fashion Bug, and not as 'Old-Lady'-ish as Catherine's. I also like Old Navy, but they ticked me off when they took their plus sizes out of the stores, so I don't shop their site all the time, which is a shame, because their prices are pretty good. (They're having a sale right now, as a matter of fact.)