Sunday, November 29, 2009

back to life, back to reality

If you're lucky like me, then you've just had a glorious four-day weekend. Well guess what? THE PARTY'S OVER.

I had a fabulous holiday weekend, thank you for asking. Thanksgiving was good times, natch, and other good times followed Friday, Saturday and today. I broke my no-shopping-on-Black-Friday rule to buy some things for myself. That's right, ha ha on you, Christmas shopping! As I had told you before, I was severely lacking in clothing, so hey, I needed it. On Friday I went to just one store and thanks to a special coupon they had emailed me, I was able to get two pairs of dress pants, three sweaters, and a pair of gloves, all for the tidy sum of $55. Not too shabby for the Lesleygirl, hmmm? I can tell you though that I now understand how the post-op shopping addiction can happen. I'm sticking with my budget and not going crazy, though, I can assure you. And just in case I needed a little shock back to reality, today I put on a pair of jeans that I had just picked up from the tailor's on Wednesday (they needed to be hemmed) and they are already getting to be too big on me. As I put them on I said "You have GOT to be kidding me!" but like I said it's a good reminder: no sense investing a whole lot in my wardrobe right now while I'm still dropping sizes so quickly. And the aforementioned jeans are now in the dryer in the hope that they will shrink a little. Or even a lot.

In other news, I think that a stray cat has moved into the bushes underneath my kitchen window. Clementine is not too happy about this recent development and hisses at him through the window. I'm not sure what to do to help. You see, my complex is next to the former estate of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother and former king of Spain. The estate is now a small seminary with lots of signs that say "Historical Site: KEEP OUT!" There are some feral cats that live on the estate, but I have suspected in recent weeks that people are dumping unwanted cats there, as I've seen more and more cats wandering around the complex. Ferals are afraid of humans and will stay away from us, but abandoned cats will think "Oh, a human! Humans give food! Yay, humans!" It's possible that I gave the stray some leftover turkey, but I will neither confirm nor deny such a rumor. Ahem.

The proudest achievement of my whole weekend is the fact that I did at least 60 minutes of cardio every day of the weekend, including Thanksgiving Day. Actually, I'm finding that I need to get my 60 minutes every day and that if I don't then I get all crankypants and stabby. I'm as shocked as you are at this revelation, people. Some days I just don't recognize myself.

And now you must excuse me. It's time to feed the beast and get some sleep. Good night!